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Computer & Entertainment Inc.
Founded: 1990
Defunct: 199x (stopped game production)

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Computer & Entertainment Inc. (全崴资讯) most commonly referred to under their abbreviated name C&E Inc., is a digital audio/video software development company. It was founded in 1990 in Taiwan.

Until the late-1990s C&E were a video game developer, producing Sega Mega Drive games for sale in Taiwan, including several adult SNES games. Their Mega Drive library was produced without a license from Sega, and similarly their NES library was produced without a license from Nintendo.

C&E claim to have been responsible for the first Chinese-developed RPG, released in 1991, however it is currently known which game they are referring to (most likely Sheng Huo Lie Zhuan for the NES). By 1992 it was publishing games worldwide, beginning with Super Fighter for the DOS based IBM PC. In 1993 C&E jointly worked with Philips to produce games for the CD-i console, and were also producing Super Acan games by 1994.

C&E's software library was licensed to a "Japanese company" in 1995, with the intention of porting some of their works to the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation. The following year C&E acquired an official license to sell and develop Saturn games. They released Simulation Zoo for Japanese audiences in 1997 (published by Soft Bank).

As well as producing video games, C&E have also been a original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for a number of electronics companies. They have since left the video game industry top pursue this route, and are now responsible for producing cost-effective DVD player components and technologies. Despite this, Super Fighter Team acquired the rights to translate and distribute Xin Qi Gai Wang Zi for western audiences, renaming it Beggar Prince in the process.


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