The Seedy Crew

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The Seedy Crew, also known as The Seedy Lounge and 3 Seedy Guys, was an internal Sega of America technical support team consisting of Jef Feltman, Larry Loth, and Willie Mancero.

The term "Seedy" is a pun on the media format which the team predominantly assisted developers with (the compact disc - pronounced "see dee") and the English word seedy (meaning unkempt or messy - a self-aware jab at the team's physical appearance.)


The Seedy Crew was an informal team of three technical support representatives established to provide third-party developers with technical assistance with Sega hardware and software. While an integral part to Sega of Americas technical support work, the Crew was not an officially-recognized internal team, and as such were rarely credited directly for their work - Feltman, Loth, and Mancero were often credited individually instead.

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