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CD Projekt
Founded: 1994
Warsaw, Poland

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CD Projekt S.A. (formerly CD Projekt Sp. z o.o.) is a Polish video game developer and publishing company.

Following Poland's move to a market-based economy in the early 1990s, CD Projekt became one of the major players in the Polish market, initially by distributing Western-made games in the region, and then as translators for Interplay titles such as Baldur's Gate. Financial troubles at Interplay encouraged the group to enter video game production themselves, starting with The Witcher in 2007 under a new development arm, CD Projekt RED.

CD Projekt was an official distributor of Sega products in Poland (2003), as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia (2004) and Hungary (2007) until 2014.

Digitial distribution service was created and is currently owned by CD Projekt.

Distribution subsidiaries

  • Poland
  • Comgad (Computer Games Distribution; 2002), formerly CD Projekt Czech until 2010: Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • PlayON! (2007), formerly CD Projekt Magyarország until 2011: Hungary