Daisuke Yamaura

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Daisuke Yamaura.jpg
Daisuke Yamaura
Employment history:
Sega Rosso (2000-04[1] – )
Sega Interactive (?? – 2017-06[1])
NTT sonority
Role(s): Programmer, director

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Daisuke Yamaura (山浦 大輔), also known as Bon, is a programmer who joined Sega in 2000, and his first game was Sega Rosso's Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo no Video Daisakusen, for which he also created the website[2]. He became lead programmer for Sengoku Taisen, and worked on the Aime service which launched with the game[3]. He reprised his role as lead programmer for Chain Chronicle, before becoming one of the game's directors starting with Ver.2. From 2017 to 2020 he worked for DeNA, then mixi for a year and 8 months. He was a contracted service development advisor until December 2022 and became an employed project manager at NTT sonority.[1]

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