Daniel Efraim Dazcal

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Daniel Efraim Dazcal
Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date of birth: 1952
Date of death: 1994-05-26[1][2] (age 41-42)
Employment history:
Role(s): Executive

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Daniel Efraim Dazcal, was an Argentinian Engineer who was one of the founders[3] of the Brazilian videogame and electronics company Tectoy.

In 1972 he moved with his wife to Brazil, establishing the Brazilian division of Sharp Corporation, Sharp do Brasil S/a Indústria de Equipamentos Eletrônicos in 1975, in the city of Manaus, capital city of the state of Amazonas where he assumed several roles, resigning from the company in 1987 as the Vice President[3].

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