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System(s): Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Genki (Japan), Sage's Creation (US), HOT-B (Europe)
Genre: Action[1][2], Puzzle[3]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
¥3,800 (3,914)3,800e[4] T-28017
Sega Game Gear
$34.9534.95[5][6] T-47018
Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear
£24.9924.99[7] 2321
Sega Game Gear

Devilish (デビリッシュ) is a 1991 game for the Sega Game Gear by Genki. According to text in the Japanese ROM, the game was the first game Genki developed. It was licensed to HOT-B for distribution in Europe; HOT-B then went and made a sequel on the Sega Mega Drive: Bad Omen/Devilish: The Next Possession.


A prince and princess were happily married to each other until a jealous demon named Gamma cast a spell and turned them into a pair of stone paddles. Gamma then filled the kingdom with rocks from the sky and devils. Suddenly, a blue sphere fell from the sky that the prince and princess could use in order to defeat the demons that now rule over the kingdom.


The game is a variant of Breakout. The player controls a pair of paddles and tries to guide the blue sphere to the goal at the end of the stage, breaking blocks and finding items along the way. Once the sphere reaches a higher point on screen, it is impossible to go back down; not catching the ball causes you to lose it, as in Breakout. Stages are mostly vertical tunnels with no branching paths, though there are also horizontal sections.

In Normal mode, each stage has a time limit, which can be extended by collecting a Time Bonus item. In Time Trial mode, time counts up instead of down and the player tries to complete the game in the shortest time possible.

Left and Right move the paddles. Up and Down move the top paddle around the screen; it always stays in line with the bottom paddle. 1 cycles paddle orientations. 2 changes the speed of the paddles between three speeds (indicated by triangles in the corner of the screen when changed).


The upper paddle is the offensive paddle and used to directing the sphere. The lower paddle is the defensive paddle and used to catch the sphere to prevent it from falling through the bottom of the screen. The upper paddle does not block the sphere when it bounces from the lower paddle.


Devilish, Items.png
Treasure Box
Break open to release a bonus item, which falls to the bottom of the screen and must be caught by a paddle to collect. There is a colored dot on the top of the treasure box that corresponds to the item it contains.
Devilish, Items.png
Time Bonus
Adds 10 or 20 seconds to the play time. Has no effect in Time Trial mode.
Devilish, Items.png
Gives the player an extra try. Extra tries are also rewarded for collecting a certain number of points in Normal mode.
Devilish, Items.png
Buster Ball
Temporary turns the blue sphere into a red sphere that pierces through blocks without bouncing off, allowing it to quickly cut through groups of blocks.
Devilish, Items.png
Flashing Bomb
Destroys many blocks in the surrounding area in a flash.


The appearance of blocks can vary slightly depending on the stage.

Devilish, Blocks.png
Blue Block
The basic block, destroyed in one hit. Awards 200 points.
Devilish, Blocks.png
Brown Block
A tougher block, destroyed in two hits. Awards 400 points.
Devilish, Blocks.png
Giant Block
A large block, destroyed in four hits. Awards 800 points.
Devilish, Blocks.png
Short Block
Temporarily makes the paddles shorter when hit. Awards 200 points.
Devilish, Blocks.png
Bonus Block
Awards 1000 points.
Devilish, Blocks.png
Enticing Block
Destroys all adjacent blocks when hit. Awards 200 points.


Three of the stages feature a boss fight at the end, followed by a short bonus round.

Devilish, Stage 1.png

A ghostly graveyard full of zombies, including a dancing one named Michael.

Devilish, Stage 2.png

Devilish, Stage 2 Boss.png

Devilish, Stage 2 Bonus.png

Under Passage
An underground tunnel populated with skeletons and monstrous French dolls. Horizontal scrolls close and block your progress. The floor painting of a demon from the previous stage comes to life and must be defeated.

Devilish, Stage 3.png

A cavern with falling rocks and spinning saw wheels. Waterfalls slow and divert the sphere on contact. Triangular terrain pieces bounce the sphere unpredictably.

Devilish, Stage 4.png

Devilish, Stage 4 Boss.png

Devilish, Stage 4 Bonus.png

Old Castle
A medieval castle with conjurers that occasionally disappear. The "Roulette of Fortune" wheel grabs the sphere when it rolls over a red circle and grants the player 1,000 points and a 1-Up or 10,000 points when it spouts the sphere out the center. The boss is a priest with giant snakes.

Devilish, Stage 5.png

A prairie with zombies and cannibal flowers. Blockmakers burrow across the screen and leave a trail of blocks.

Devilish, Stage 6.png

A volcanic cave with jagged, angular walls. Fire pillars burst out of the walls to obstruct the sphere. Fireballs shoot down a tunnel to push the sphere down.

Devilish, Stage 7.png

Ice World
An icy cavern with diamond-shaped terrain pieces and penguins that revive after being defeated.

Devilish, Stage 8.png

Devilish, Stage 8 Boss.png

Devilish, Stage 8 Bonus.png

Evil Temple
The temple is densely packed with blocks and includes some of the most insidious obstacles of previous stages, including catching holes that swallow the sphere and spit it out after a delay and blockmakers that create walls of blocks. Guillotines fall from above and block the passage. Gamma awaits at the end.

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Promotional material

Print advert in GamePro (US) #29: "December 1991" (1991-xx-xx)
also published in:
Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #31: "February 1992" (199x-xx-xx)

Print advert in Mega Drive Fan (JP) #12: "January 1991" (1990-12-08)
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Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1991-02: "February 1991" (1991-01-08)
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Game Gear, JP
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 d43ac6c5
MD5 e3dda1fe814c22c102f0714d48d27de6
SHA-1 3eb7e6cbe74d16bb14c42e91ab6334c156071f6b
128kB Cartridge (EU)
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 25db174f
MD5 bc3b402b546b9561c79e3373aee97a9c
SHA-1 5b1d4295920ebe4d6d9b9610764939b2aaa6c598
128kB Cartridge (JP)
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 c01293b0
MD5 f0ceed28d0e83bc4adc688d06d12bf2e
SHA-1 421a416c71dd245d80b362af57d01c80547cf042
128kB Cartridge (US)


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