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Disney Fun Square from Sega (ディズニー・ファンスクエア・フロム・セガ) was a collaboration between Sega and The Walt Disney Company, in which a number of Disney-themed arcade games and prizes would be grouped together as a section of an entertainment venue. The concept was exclusive to Japan.

Sega began testing the concept in February 1999[1] before a larger roll-out later in the year. Sega seems to have stopped opening Disney Fun Squares by 2008, although remants seemingly still exist to this day in locations that have yet to be redecorated. Most of the Disney Fun Square games were retooled versions of older Sega products.

Sega Logistics Service announced it would end service on Disney Fun Square arcade machines on March 31, 2017.[2][3]


Arcade machines in the Disney Fun Square from Sega series
Fantasy Palace (1999) | Mickey & Minnie Baby UFO (1999) | Mickey & Minnie Family Paradise (1999) | Mickey Mouse Print Club Special (1999) | Kuma no Pooh-san Print Club Special (1999) | Kuma no Pooh-san Balloon Maker (1999) | Mickey & Donald Popcorn Factory (1999) | Mickey & Minnie Waku Waku Drive (1999) | Mickey & Minnie Bingo Land (1999) | Kuma no Pooh-san Ping Pong Land (1999) | Kuma no Pooh-san Waku Waku Ki no Ouchi (1999) | Mickey & Minnie Puzzle Shock (1999) | Kuma no Pooh-san Janken Step (1999) | Mickey & Minnie Crayon Kids (1999) | Kuma no Pooh-san Crayon Kids (1999) | Magical Fall (1999) | Mickey & Minnie Touch de Kids (2001) | Fantasy Catcher Center Set (?) | Buzz Lightyear Hockey Planet (?) | Chip & Dale Itazura Wagon (?) | Magical Town (?) | Magical À La Carte (?) | Magical Colon (?)