Do Me a Favour... Master Mix '90

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Do Me a Favour... Master Mix '90
Format(s): Compact Cassette
Record label: Virgin Mastertronic
Artist: MC's Nick & Steve
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Compact Cassette

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Do Me a Favour... Master Mix '90 is a promotional single released on compact cassette in the early 1990s to advertise Sega consoles in the United Kingdom. It was produced following the results of a competition by UK distributors Virgin Mastertronic, in which Sega fans could send in a Sega-related "rap" demo tape with the opportunity to record their effort in a real studio[3]. The competition winners, Nick Melin (aged 16) and Stephen Batten (15), were announced in Sega Power #13. Their entry was re-recorded professionally at Townhouse Studios in London.

This cassette was not released commercially - it was distributed with Mean Machines issue #2[2]. Following the magazine's publication, Virgin had plans for a music video and broader release, although there is no indication this ever occurred[4].

Track list

A1. Do Me a Favour (3:55) 
B1. Gods Radio Ad (0:51) 
B2. Gary Davies on Behalf of the Starlight Foundation  
Running time: 4:46

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Print advert in ACE (UK) #35: "August 1990" (1990-07-xx)
also published in:

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MasterMix90 Album UK Box.jpg