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Dream Point Bank (ドリーム ポイント バンク) was a loyalty service in Japan which rewarded Sega Dreamcast customers.

Most Dreamcast consoles sold in Japan were bundled with a registration form, one which, if filled in and sent to Sega, would net the user a Dreamcast "Point Card" within three weeks. Almost every game sold in the region would contain a slip of paper with a number, which if entered in the Dream Point Bank website (alongside their Point Card details), would give the user a specified number of "Dream Points" (typically between 100 and 500). Dream Points could then be cashed in for prizes, such as Dreamcast-related merchandise and special console accessories.

While even the four Dreamcast launch games in Japan shipped with Dream Points, the ability to cash in points was not enabled until May 1999, after the launch of Sega's online store, Dreamcast Direct.

The Dream Point Bank service ended on the 28th September 2001, with points being converted to "DD Points" (for use with Dreamcast Direct) on the 4th October[1]. Registering points was disabled three days earlier on the 25th September[1], and the system has not worked since. No comparable points systems were ever launched for the Dreamcast outside of Japan.

Exclusive merchandise

Code Name Box scans Images Region Date Price Documentation Description
Original Ekishou Keita TV
JY-10 Dreamcast.png
199x 10,000 points10,000 points[2]
Original Visual Memory Holder 2-ko-gumi Set (Clear/Clear Orange)
オリジナルビジュアルメモリホルダー 2個組セット (クリア・クリアオレンジ)
199x 900 points900 points[2]
Original Chou Kogata Keiryou Denwaki
OriginalChouKogataKeiryouDenwaki JP.jpg
199x 4,000 points4,000 points[2]
Tokusei CD Player
TokuseiCDPlayer JP Box Front.jpg
TokuseiCDPlayer JP.jpg
12,000 points12,000 points
Tokusei CD Case
TokuseiCDCase JP.jpg
1,200 points1,200 points