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System(s): Sega Mega-CD, Sega 32X
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Adventure[1][2]

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
Sega Mega-CD
  • English
  • Français
  • 日本語
  • Sega Mega-CD 32X
  • English
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Mega-CD
    ¥6,8006,800 G-6043
    Sega Rating: All Ages
    Sega Mega-CD
    $59.9959.99[5] 4438
    Sega Mega-CD
    ELSPA: 11+ OK
    Sega Mega-CD
    ELSPA: 11+ OK
    Sega Mega-CD
    Sega Mega-CD
    BBFC: Parental Guidance (PG)
    Sega Mega-CD 32X
    1995-04[3][4] $59.99[5] 4438
    Sega Mega-CD 32X
    1995-06 $? ?

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    Fahrenheit (ファーレンハイト) is a 1995 full motion video game by Sega. It is one of five titles to be bundled as a Mega-CD 32X game, taking advantage of the Mega-CD's larger storage space and higher quality audio and the 32X's faster processor and improved graphical output.


    Fahrenheit is a simple full motion video game where the objective is to navigate buildings with the D-Pad. There is a strict time-limit represented by oxygen levels in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen - completing the objective gains more oxygen, but wasting time or going down the wrong route will deplete it. There are five missions in total.

    Without maps (which are printed in the instruction manual), Fahrenheit becomes a game of trial and error, with later stages being impossible without prior knowledge of the floor layout due to the speed oxygen supplies run out.


    In North America Fahrenheit was released as both a Mega-CD and Mega-CD 32X game, and both discs were sold together (you need both discs to play the Mega-CD 32X version, presumably as an attempt at security). In Europe and Japan, only the regular Mega-CD version was released.

    Production credits

    Sega Studios
    • Executive Producer: Chris W. Bankston
    • Game Design: Chris W. Bankston, Megan Hope-Ross, Thibault Lepoutre
    • Programming: Thibault Lepoutre
    • Writer: Peter M. Lenkov
    • Original Music: Domenic Troiano
    • Director of Photography: John Herzog
    • Director: Raymond Elias
    • Supervising Producer: Megan Hope-Ross
    In-game credits (opening)
    Fahrenheit MCD JP SSCredits Intro.pdf

    Film Production Credits
    • Cast:
      • Chief Chavez: Barry Blake
      • Firefighter McGuire: Shelley Cook
      • Firefighter Hobbs: Robert Racki
      • Firefighter "Stinky" Stinkowski: John Stoneham Sr.
      • Firefighter Washington: Robert Thomas
    • Also Appearing (in alphabetical order):
      • Distressed Father: Scot Denton
      • Mrs. O'Hara-Bird Lady: Barbara Franklin
      • World War II Veteran: Charles Hayter
      • Dr. Hatcher: Chas Lawther
      • Hotel Night Manager: Robert McKenna
      • Daughter in Burning House: Helen Scott
      • Nigel Amphyll: John Swindells
    Paragon Entertainment Corporation
    • Executive Producers: Jon Slan, Richard Borchiver
    • Executive in Charge of Production: Jant E. Cuddy
    • Vice President, Finance: Harry Tremain
    • Director of Communications and Publicity: Anne O'Hagan
    • Production Estimator: Tony Blay
    • Production Auditor: Laurie Boyle
    • Post Production Supervisor: Lori A. Waters, Andi Martindale
    • Line Producer: Jeffrey Chadwick
    • Art Director: Charles Dunlop
    • Steadicam Operator: Keith Murphy
    • 1st Assistant Director/2nd Unit Director: Neil Huhta
    • Post Production Supervisor: Andi Martindale
    • Off‑line Editors: Christopher Cooper, Terry Martindale
    • Production Coordinator: Kristine M. Gilbert
    • 2nd Assistant Director: David Carruthers
    • Second 2nd Assistant Director: Steve Webb
    • 3rd Assistant Director: Anny Paynter
    • Focus Puller/2nd Unit Operator: Roman Neubacher
    • 2nd Assistant Camera: Laurence Bortnick
    • Camera Trainee: Michael Yaremchuk
    • "B" Camera/2nd Unit Operator: David Perkins
    • Assistant Art Director: Andrée Brodeur
    • Assistant Art Directors: Michelle Perkovich, Wayne Wrightman
    • Set Decorator: Doug McCullough
    • Set Dressers: Garth Brunt, Ian Greig, Julian Peters
    • On‑Set Dresser: Christine McLean
    • Property Master: P. Alan Doucette
    • Props Buyer/Builder: Donald K. Bennett
    • Lead Props: Imre Dejonge
    • Props: Jane Manchee, Kim Ljimus
    • Wardrobe Designer: Antoinette Messan
    • Assistant Wardrobe Designer: Constance Buck
    • Wardrobe Mistress: Jennifer Buck
    • Wardrobe Assistants: Anne Steele, Sheila Radovancevic
    • Gaffer: David Willetts
    • Best Boy: John Baker
    • Electrics: Duane Gullison, Mark Akelson, Bob Hicks
    • Generator Operator: Randy Jones
    • Key Grip: Christopher Dean
    • Best Boy Grip: Philip Lanthier
    • Grips: Barry Horsley, John Traynor
    • 2nd Key Grip: Gordon Forbes
    • Special Effects Supervisor: Mark Molin
    • 1st Assistant Special Effects: Jim McGillivary
    • Special Effects Assistants: Ted Shackleton, John Griffith, Peter Murley, John Enders
    • Set Construction: Hot Sets
    • Construction Supervisor: John Bankson
    • Construction Foreman: Campbell Manning
    • Stand‑by Painters: Bob Lomo, Andrew Evans
    • Stand‑by Carpenters: Dave Cubitt, Al Westlake
    • Construction Crew: Wayne Roy, Dave Grotch, Steve Boyd
    • Script Supervisor: Rachel Landry
    • Stunt Coordinator: Branko Racki
    • Stunt Players: Shelley Cook, Robert Racki, Helen Scott, Robert Thomas
    • Make‑up & Hair: Jacklyn Hicks, Akiko Wilson
    • Sound Recordist: Dan Daniels
    • Boom Operator: Gary Vaughan
    • On‑Set Production Assistants: Justine Whelan, John Edwards
    • Location Manager: David Bannigan Sr.
    • Location Production Assistant: Darren Sacks
    • Assistant Off‑line Editor: Bill Oliver
    • Colourist: Chris Wallace
    • On‑line Editor: Paul Kirsch
    • Sound Designer: Terry Gordica
    • Sound Mixer: Paul Shubat
    • Dialogue Editor: Joe Mancuso
    • Foley Artist: Steve Baine
    • SFX Editor: Andrew Roberts
    • ADR Record: Ed Poty
    • "Feel The Heat" Sung by: Lou Nadeau
    • Music Engineers: Bob Fedder, Danny Sustar
    • Production Accountant: Taylor Turzanski
    • Accounting Assistants: Norm Franks, Andrew Nicholson
    • Assistant Production Coordinator: Holden Chadwick
    • Production Office Assistant: Joseph L'Esperance
    • Casting: Anne Tait Casting
    • Extra Casting: Pamela Barder Casting
    • Craft Service: Ingrid Izzard
    • Transport: Bob Donnelly
    • Drivers: Brian Kaulback, John Reniewick, Al Barnes
    • On‑Set Nurses: Deborah Cossar, Nancy Erwin, Lindsay Hooke, Caroline Walsh
    • Security: Dave Noseworthy, Neil Lumlock, Helie Security Services
    • Special Effects Equipment: Laird McMurray Services
    • Cameras: William F. White
    • Lighting: Panavision Canada Ltd.
    • Video Post Production: Dome Productions Inc.
    • Laboratory: Spot Labs Inc.
    • Sound Post Production: Sounds Interchange
    • Film: Kodak Canada Inc.
    • Catering: Amazing Food Services
    • Stills Photography: Lorne Wolk Photography Inc.
    • Stills Assistant: Ian Amyot
    • "B Roll" Footage: Martin Murphy (XM Productions)
    • From a Concept By: Peter Loeb
    • Special Thanks To: The Toronto Fire Department, Toronto Metropolitan Police, Toronto Film Liason Office, The Ontario Film Development Corporation, Joe Miller, Michealene Cristini Risley, Sonya Sigler Desbrisay, Lewis Henderson (William Morris Agency), Gary Randall
    • Sega System Digitizing: Randy Fugaté
    • Sega Studios Assistant Producer: Vy Nong
    • Sega Studios Production Coordinator: Berj Beramian
    In-game credits
    Fahrenheit MCD JP SSCredits.pdf

    • Japanese Cast:
      • Chief Chavez: Nobuo Tanaka
      • McGuire: Yuko Mizutani
      • Hobbs: Tessho Genda
      • Stinky: Mitsuo Senda
      • Washington: Akio Otsuka
      • Father: Masaaki Tsukada
      • Mrs O'Hara: Sayuri Sadaoka
      • Veteran: Atsushi Ii
      • Dr Hatcher: Yasuo Muramatsu
      • Manager: Masaaki Tsukada
      • Daughter: Natsumi Asaoka
      • Nigel Amphil: Atsushi Ii
    Japanese Localization Team
    • Voice Recording Staff: Dentsu Inc, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
    • Producers: Kiyoshi Takeda, Nao Magami, Shoichiro Ishiwatari, Wataru Tanaka, Naomasa Furukawa, Daizo Tsushi
    • Director: Tsuyoshi Takahashi
    • Script Translation: Yoko Kodera
    SEGA of America Inc
    SEGA Enterprises Ltd
    In-game credits (JP)
    Fahrenheit MCD JP SSCredits JP.pdf

    Magazine articles

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    Promotional material

    Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #65: "December 1994" (1994-xx-xx)
    also published in:


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    Mega-CD, JP
    Fahrenheit MCD JP Box Back.jpgFahrenheit MCD JP Box Front.jpg
    Fahrenheit MCD JP Spinecard.JPG
    Fahrenheit MCD JP Disc.jpg
    Mega-CD 32X, US
    Fahrenheit MCD32X US Box Back.JPGFahrenheit MCD32X US Box Front.JPG
    Fahrenheit mcd32x us manual.pdf
    Fahrenheit 32x us disc1.jpg
    MCD Disc
    Fahrenheit 32x us disc2.jpg
    MCD32X Disc
    Mega-CD, EU
    Fahrenheit MCD EU Box Back.jpgFahrenheit MCD EU Box Front.jpg
    Fahrenheit MCD EU Disc.png
    Fahrenheit MCD EU Manual.jpg
    Mega-CD, FR
    Fahrenheit MCD FR Box Back.jpgFahrenheit MCD FR Box Front.jpg
    Fahrenheit MCD FR spinecard.jpg
    Fahrenheit MCD FR Disc.jpg
    Fahrenheit MCD EU Manual.jpg
    Mega-CD, FR (Blister pack)
    Fahrenheit MCD FR blister front.jpg
    Mega-CD, UK
    Fahrenheit MCD UK back.jpgNospine-small.pngFahrenheit MCD UK front.jpg
    Fahrenheit MCD EU Disc.png
    Fahrenheit MCD EU Manual.jpg
    Mega-CD, PT

    Mega-CD 32X, BR
    Fahrenheit MCD32X BR Box Front.jpg

    Technical information

    Main article: Fahrenheit/Technical information.


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    Fahrenheit MCD US Title.png

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