Fill in Cafe

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Fill in Cafe
Founded: 1987
Defunct: 1998
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Fill in Cafe (フィルインカフェ) was a Japanese development studio best known for their Asuka 120% series, developing games for the X68000, 3DO, FM Towns, PlayStation, PC Engine, PC-FX, PC-98 and SNES in addition to the Sega Saturn. After the company filed for bankruptcy, FamilySoft, who published most of Fill in Cafe's games, became the distributors of the company's IP. FamilySoft had made funds and equipment available to Fill in Cafe during its existence and the two companies had a close connection.


Founded as TEAM WONDER CROSS in 1987, the developer later changed its name to TEAM FILL IN CAFE two years later, with the company officially incorporating on September 18, 1991.



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