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Manufacturer: Sharp

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The X68000 (エックス ろくまんはっせん) is a Japanese line of 16-bit home computers released by Sharp between 1987 and 1993. A successor to the X1 line of computers, the X68000 was the world's most powerful home gaming system during the late 1980s, with near arcade quality capabilities at the time. No X68000 units are ever thought to have been officially sold outside of Japan.


Sega Support

Sega did not develop and publish for the X68000 directly, but many of their arcade properties made it to the system either through Sharp themselves, or through companies such as Dempa Micomsoft and SystemSoft. All Sega games target the original 1987 specifications, as most were released before Sharp introduced meaningful CPU and RAM upgrades to their models.

While technically inferior in many respects, the Sega Mega Drive competed with the X68000, being a 16-bit dedicated games machine with a lower price point. Several earlier Japanese Mega Drive releases derived from X68000 games (such as those by Wolf Team).

List of Sega games for the X68000

Other X68000 games also released for Sega systems