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Daikoukai Jidai II
System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Sega Saturn
Publisher: Koei
Original system(s): JP Home Computers
Sound driver:
Sega Saturn
SCSP (1 track)
Genre: Rekoeition (リコエイション)[1], Simulation[2][3]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥11,800 (12,154)11,800e[4] T-76163
Sega Mega Drive
Videogame Rating Council: GA
Sega Saturn
¥6,800 (7,004)6,800e[1] T-7628G
Sega Rating: All Ages
Sega Saturn
¥6,800 (7,140)6,800e[6] T-7649G
Sega Rating: All Ages
Non-Sega versions

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Daikoukai Jidai II (大航海時代II) is the sequel to Koei's simulation game Daikoukai Jidai, both a part of their Rékoeition Series. It was first released in 1993 on various Japanese computers before being ported to a variety of other systems, including to the Sega Mega Drive (1994; US/JP) and Sega Saturn (1997; JP). Western releases called the game New Horizons.

For whatever reason the Japanese Saturn release was given "Rékoeition" as the genre.


New Horizons starts in 1522, during the Age of Exploration. Soon after Magellan's famous voyage which proves that the Earth is indeed round, countries around the planet spread through the newly discovered territories.

Players will take control of 6 different characters, with different goals and skill sets and attempt to finish their story with trade, combat or exploration.


Playable Characters

Some of the names are different between the Japanese and North American versions.

Daikoukai Jidai II MD JP SSPlayer-1.png

Daikoukai Jidai II Saturn JP SSPlayer-1.png

Joao Franco (ジョアン・フェレロ)
Son of Leon Franco, the main character of the previous game, Joao is travelling the world for the glory of his homeland. A young man burning with a desire to explore the world, Joao's ultimate goal is to find the famed continent of Atlantis.
  • Age: 18
  • Leadership: 78
  • Knowledge: 75
  • Courage: 82
  • Seamanship: 75
  • Intuition: 85
  • Charm: 89
  • Swordplay: 82
  • Special Skill: Negotiation
  • Country: Portugal
  • Ruler: King Manuel
  • Capital: Lisbon

A major naval and colonial power during the 16th Century, Portugal has claimed soverignity over new lands east of 46W longtitude thanks to the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494. Even though Portugal established a trade route to India through West Africa, it is searching a new route from East Asia due to existing, perilious route.

Daikoukai Jidai II MD JP SSPlayer-2.png

Daikoukai Jidai II Saturn JP SSPlayer-2.png

Catalina Erantzo (カタリーナ・エランツォ)
Catalina is a short tempered and feisty former Spanish Navy officer (unlikely considering her young age and the patriachial society of the time) who resigned her commission and became a pirate after her brother and fiancee were killed in combat, reportedly against Joao Franco. Her ultimate goal is to avenge the deaths of her loved ones. She is most likely based upon Catalina de Erauso.
  • Age: 18
  • Leadership: 80
  • Knowledge: 65
  • Courage: 86
  • Seamanship: 79
  • Intuition: 52
  • Charm: 95
  • Swordplay: 92
  • Special Skill: Gunnery
  • Country: Spain
  • Ruler: King Carlos
  • Capital: Madrid

Spain was at the top of her power during the 16th century, becoming a menace to the rest of the countries thanks to the massive navy they had at the time. Treaty of Tordesillas awarded the new lands west of 46W to the Spanish and defeat of the Aztecs allowed Spain to open ports in Caribbean. Incas are next in the line for Spanish conquest.

Daikoukai Jidai II MD JP SSPlayer-3.png

Daikoukai Jidai II Saturn JP SSPlayer-3.png

Otto Baynes (オットー・スピノーラ)
An English privateer, (essentially a pirate working for the government) Baynes is a seasoned captain who is under secret orders from Henry the VIII (who took a break from decapitating his wives) to defeat the legendary Spanish Armada.
  • Age: 39
  • Leadership: 92
  • Knowledge: 61
  • Courage: 88
  • Seamanship: 72
  • Intuition: 43
  • Charm: 82
  • Swordplay: 86
  • Special Skill: Gunnery
  • Country: England
  • Ruler: Henry the VIII
  • Capital: London

Exhausted from the devastating wars such as War of the Roses and Hundred Years War since the 14th century, England was left behind in the race for new territories. England considers both Spain and Portugal as potential enemies in the future.

Daikoukai Jidai II MD JP SSPlayer-4.png

Daikoukai Jidai II Saturn JP SSPlayer-4.png

Ernst Von Bohr (エルネスト・ロペス)
A cartographer from the Netherlands, Bohr was hired by his friend Mercator to travel the world and create a detailed map of the world.
  • Age: 23
  • Leadership: 78
  • Knowledge: 86
  • Courage: 62
  • Seamanship: 92
  • Intuition: 82
  • Charm: 90
  • Swordplay: 53
  • Special Skill: Cartography
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Ruler: Governor-General
  • Capital: Amsterdam

A rising power of sea exploration, Holland expanded her influence as a link between the East and the West. Holland's recent economic growth allowed her to participate in the power struggle in the Atlantic Ocean.

Daikoukai Jidai II MD JP SSPlayer-5.png

Daikoukai Jidai II Saturn JP SSPlayer-5.png

Pietro Conti (ピエトロ・コンティー)
An Italian adventurer who searches the world to find treasures to pay for the debts his father left for him.
  • Age: 33
  • Leadership: 84
  • Knowledge: 75
  • Courage: 53
  • Seamanship: 80
  • Intuition: 87
  • Charm: 81
  • Swordplay: 61
  • Special Skill: Celestial Navigation
  • Country: Republic of Genoa (Representing Italy)
  • Ruler: Doge (Governor-General)
  • Capital: Genoa

A separated and divided country until Italian Reunification in 19th Century, Italy consists of different Republics whose leaders were elected by population. (Read: Only the rich ones) Ever since the discovery of the New World and the shifting of trade from Mediterrenean to Atlantic, Italy has been in a decline. Italian Republics see both Spain and Portugal as rivals.

Daikoukai Jidai II MD JP SSPlayer-6.png

Daikoukai Jidai II Saturn JP SSPlayer-6.png

Ali Vezas (アル・ヴェザス)
A Turkish merchant who grew up in poverty. Orphaned at the young age and lost contact with her sister, a twist of fate brings him a merchant ship. His ultimate goal is to get rich and find his long lost sister, Sapha. (Trivia: His surname is an oversight. Turks did not take surnames until formation of the Republic of Turkey)
  • Age: 19
  • Leadership: 80
  • Knowledge: 84
  • Courage: 53
  • Seamanship: 86
  • Intuition: 65
  • Charm: 80
  • Swordplay: 42
  • Special Skill: Accounting
  • Country: Turkey (Ottoman Empire)
  • Ruler: Suleiman "The Magnificent"
  • Capital: Istanbul

A major power during the 16th Century, Ottoman Empire is an Islamic nation ruled by a young yet extremely talented Sultan. Due to its aggressive expansion policy, Turkey has captured large sweaths of territory ranging from Balkans to the Africa and Middle East. Portugal's recent advances in the Indian Ocean is threatening the Turks' goals in the region.


  • Leadership (Flag): If captain has high leadership, vessel will travel faster, crew will have higher morale and it will give bonuses during combat.
  • Seamanship (Anchor): If captain has high seamanship, vessel will travel faster.
  • Knowledge (Open Book): Crew will resist diseases more frequently.
  • Intuition (Exclamation Mark): Main character will have higher chance to detect ports and treasures.
  • Courage (Fist): Advantage in battle.
  • Swordmanship (Sword): Advantage in battle.
  • Charm (Heart): Get better deals in trading at markets and item shops.


Some of these skills can be learned from other people in the game while some of them are locked to playable or recruitable characters.

  • Celestial Navigation: If first mate has this skill, "Auto Sail" command can be used. If a captain has this skill, ship will travel faster. This skill can be learned in Astronomer's House if Knowledge is above 80, Seamanship and Intuition is above 70.
  • Cartography: This skill will allow player to sign contracts with cartographers who will pay for information on distant lands. Can be learned in a Cartographer's Studio if Seamanship, Intuition and Knowledge is above 75.
  • Gunnery: Increases cannon fire accuracy during naval battles. It can be learned at a Strategist's House if Leadership is above 75, Knowledge is above 65 and Courage is above 80.
  • Accounting: A first mate with this skill will tell you where the best prices are for a particular good. Cannot be learned.
  • Negotiation: Ships and good can be bought at a lower price. Cannot be learned.


Overseas console versions are slightly censored: Churches and Mosques were replaced with "Round Earth Societies" in which players can study instead of pray. Pubs are also replaced with cafes. All references to alcohol have neem removed as well. (Such as Baynes' drunkard friend, who becomes a glutton instead) Removing religious and alcohol related themes from overseas versions of console games was a common practice at the time.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English (US) New Horizons New Horizons
Japanese 大航海時代II Daikoukai Jidai II

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Print advert in GamePro (US) #64: "November 1994" (1994-xx-xx)
also published in:
  • EGM² (US) #5: "November 1994" (1994-1x-xx)[7]
  • GamePro (US) #68: "March 1995" (1995-xx-xx)[8]
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-06: "1997-06 (1997-03-07)" (1997-02-21)
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-11: "1997-11 (1997-04-11)" (1997-03-28)

Physical scans

Mega Drive version

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Electronic Games (1992-1995) (US) NTSC-U
Entsiklopediya luchshikh igr Sega. Vypusk 8 (RU)
Famitsu (JP) NTSC-J
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Daikoukai Jidai II

Mega Drive, JP
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Mega Drive, US
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Saturn version

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Sega Saturn
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Daikoukai Jidai II

Saturn, JP
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Saturn, JP (Premium Pack)
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Technical information

Main article: Daikoukai Jidai II/Technical information.


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Daikoukai Jidai II

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