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Atomic Robo-Kid
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Treco
Original system(s): Arcade boards
Developer(s) of original games: UPL
Sound driver: SMPS Z80 (banked)
Genre: Action[2]

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • 日本語
  • English
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Mega Drive
    ¥6,800 (7,004)6,800e[3] T-24013
    Sega Mega Drive
    $49.9549.95[5] T-24016
    Non-Sega versions

    Atomic Robo-Kid (アトミック・ロボキッド) is a Sega Mega Drive shoot-'em-up game developed by Khaos and published by Treco. A port of the titular 1988 UPL arcade title Atomic Robo-Kid, the game was first released in Japan in December 1990, and was later released in the United States in February of the following year.


    Earth outpost colony Terra-12 has been bombarded from space with strange radiation. The radiation is hideously mutating all of the transplanted life on the colony, and a fleet of hostile aliens has the radiation wave and invaded the planet. The small battle robot called the Atomic Robo-Kid is tasked with saving the colony. Along the way, Robo-Kid learns that he must find and rescue Eve, a female biodroid who has the ability to cure the mass mutations.


    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Merchant.png

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Store.png

    The Merchant

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, CPU.png

    The CPU

    The game is a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up in which the player controls the elephantine battle robot Atomic Robo-Kid against an alien invasion. Stages do not scroll automatically, as they do in most shoot-'em-up games. Stages consist of battling through hordes of enemies to reach the portal at the end, which is usually defended by a larger enemy. Most portals lead to another stage, but some portals lead to a fight against a massive alien "governor," which is followed by a duel against another robot resembling Robo-Kid. After these fights, Robot-Kid converses with the "CPU" and receives more information about his mission. Some stages end with multiple portals, giving the player the choice over which zone to enter next.

    Robo-Kid initially cannot fly but powers up his thrusters upon picking up one of the two unmarked red crystals at the beginning of the first stage. While on the ground, he can jump with B or take off with Up. While flying, he can move in any direction using the D-Pad (and faces left or right depending on which direction he was last moved in). He lands again when he touches the ground. Robo-Kid shoots with A. Unlike most shoot-'em-ups, he can shoot both forwards and backwards depending on which direction he is facing. He can lock the direction he faces by holding B, which also locks the direction of fire. Robo-Kid can collect four special weapons. The first power-up picked up replaces his default weapon; subsequent weapons are added to its arsenal and can be cycled through by pressing B while flying.

    A friendly robot resembling a dinosaur, called "the Merchant," appears in some stages. The player can choose destroy this robot, but if it approaches Robo-Kid, they begin to talk, and the player is taken to a store to purchase weapons and shields. Every item costs an extra life to purchase.

    Robo-Kid is destroyed by a single hit from an enemy projectile. Colliding with an enemy knocks him back but does not destroy him. He can acquire shields that act as hit points by collecting power-ups. These shields go up when he takes a hit, protecting him from destruction, and Robo-Kid can have as many as three shields at a time. When destroyed, Robo-Kid restarts the stage at a predetermined checkpoint if the player has extra lives left, losing the equipped weapon. The game ends if the player runs out of lives but can be continued for a credit. There are three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard), which affect the number of starting lives and credits.


    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Weapons, Laser.png

    Shoots a light laser. This is the starting weapon, which becomes unavailable as soon as another weapon is obtained.

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Weapons, Fission Gun.png

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Weapons.png
    Fission Gun
    Shoots a heavy laser that penetrates through targets.

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Weapons, Missile.png

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Weapons.png
    Fires missiles that explode in an area after striking a target. The missiles travel about half the width of the screen and can be aimed in eight directions by holding the D-Pad while firing (regardless of which direction Robo-Kid is facing). They neutralize enemy projectiles upon impact. Missiles do heavy damage but have a slow rate of fire.

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Weapons, 3-Way.png

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Weapons.png
    Shoots three lasers in a spread, one straight ahead and the others angled 45-degrees up and down. The lasers travel the full distance of the screen. This weapon has a very fast rate of fire.

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Weapons, 5-Way.png

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Weapons.png
    Shoots a short-ranged blast of five stacked lasers. These lasers travel about half the width of the screen.


    Crystals can be shot to change them into a different item.

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Special.png
    These non-hostile robots can be destroyed to release an item.
    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Items.png
    Atomic Engines
    Collect at the beginning of the game to give Robo-Kid the ability to fly with Up.
    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Items.png
    Fission Gun
    Acquires the Fission Gun weapon.
    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Items.png
    Acquires the Missile weapon.
    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Items.png
    Acquires the 3-Way weapon.
    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Items.png
    Acquires the 5-Way weapon.
    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Items.png
    Collect 4 to gain a shield that automatically activates when taking otherwise fatal damage. Robo-Kid can have as many as 3 shields at a time.
    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Items.png
    Increases Robo-Kid's movement speed, up to 4 times.
    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Items.png
    Enables rapid-fire by holding A.
    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Special.png
    Enter a portal to be transported to another stage.


    The ends of Acts 2, 9, and 16 have two portals, giving the player a choice of the next stage to play. The decision does not affect any stages after that.

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 1.png

    Act 1

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 2.png

    Act 2

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 3A.png

    Act 3A

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 3B.png

    Act 3B

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 4-1.png

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 4-2.png

    • Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 4-1.png

    • Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 4-2.png

    Act 4

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 5.png

    Act 5

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 6.png

    Act 6

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 7.png

    Act 7

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 8-1.png

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 8-2.png

    • Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 8-1.png

    • Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 8-2.png

    Act 8

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 9.png

    Act 9

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 10A.png

    Act 10A

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 10B.png

    Act 10B

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 11.png

    Act 11

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 12-1.png

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 12-2.png

    • Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 12-1.png

    • Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 12-2.png

    Act 12

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 13.png

    Act 13

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 14.png

    Act 14

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 15-1.png

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 15-2.png

    • Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 15-1.png

    • Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 15-2.png

    Act 15

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 16.png

    Act 16

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 17A.png

    Act 17A

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 17B.png

    Act 17B

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 18.png

    Act 18

    Atomic Robo-Kid MD, Stage 19.png

    Act 19


    The Mega Drive version appears more zoomed out than the arcade original and lacks a time limit for stages.

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    Atomic Robo-Kid

    Mega Drive, JP
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    AtomicRoboKid MD JP Cart.jpg
    Atomicrobokid md jp manual.pdf
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    Atomic Robo Kid MD US Manual.pdf

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    Atomic Robo-Kid

    AtomicRoboKid MDTitleScreen.png

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