Fletcher Beasley

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Fletcher Beasley
Place of birth: United States
Employment history:
Role(s): Composer[1], Sound Designer, Director[1]

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Fletcher Beasley is an American music director and former Adrenalin Entertainment composer and sound designer.[1]


Following David Javelosa's promotion to Audio Director of Sega of America, he reached out to Beasley (whom he had known from his time at Voyager Company) and asked him if he would like to compose music for video games. Javelosa referred him to Western Technologies, where he was contracted as a freelancer to produce the soundtrack to the unreleased Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Robosaurus. While his work on the title would never see the light of day, the game's director Bruce Straley was impressed with his output and offered him a full-time position as Western's audio director.[3]

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