Football Manager 2020 Mobile/Changelog

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Android: 11.3.0

March Transfer Update

Android: 11.0.3

Fixed stuck news
Fixed various crashes

iOS: 11.3.0

March Transfer Update

iOS: 11.2.1

Fixed a crash

Fixed issue with condition in some B-teams

iOS: 11.2.0

February data update

Many fixes and improvements

iOS: 11.1.1

Various fixes for crashes and fixture issues

iOS: 11.1.0

Added in 'Mark Read' button

Cleared mentoring when leaving club

Fixed reserve fixture rescheduled

Fixed transfer logic issues

Fixed issues with retirements

Fixed various news issues

Improved performance

Improved progression of young attackers

Made ball more visible

Made clubs value pace more heavily

Prevented keeper kit clash

Reduced injuries from heavy training

Squad numbers page improvements

Tweaked aerial and agility progression

Fixed various crashes & smaller issues

iOS: 11.0.5

Increased ball size on some devices

Fixed issue where commentary would skip for some users

Fixed some bad selections

Fixed missing transfer deadline news

Fixed interested icons wrongly appearing

Fixed various crashes

Fixed unable to make offer for player

iOS: 11.0.4

Fixed various crashes

Fixed an issue with some personality attributes

iOS: 11.0.3

Fixed stuck news

Fixed startup issue affecting some users on old iPads

Fixed a couple of other crashes

iOS: 11.0.2

Your club, your way.

iOS: 11.0.1

New feature screenshots added