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System(s): Sega Europa-R
Publisher: Sega Amusements Europe
Supporting companies:
Licensor: Aston Martin, Bugatti, Chrysler, Ford, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Pagani, Saleen, Toyota
Genre: Racing

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Europa-R)
¥? ?
Arcade (Europa-R)
$? ?
Arcade (Europa-R)
£? ?

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GRID is an arcade adaption of the 2008 Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC game of the same name. It was ported to the Sega Europa-R arcade board by Codemasters and Sega Amusements Europe in 2010, the second game to run on the platform following 2008's Sega Rally 3 (which the board was designed for).


The arcade version of GRID stems from its home counterparts, though has been simplified, removing the "GRID World" feature (which saw the player manage a racing team and enter events to earn money) in favour of a selection of standard car/track combinations. All races are time limited, and the damage mechanics have been removed. A "reset" button was also added to the cabinet, returning the car to the middle of the road if the user spins off.

Production credits

  • Additional Art:
    • Artists: Daniel Oxford, Nick Philips, Andria Warren, James Gerrett
  • Localisation:
    • Localisation Manager: Daniel Schaefers
    • Localisation French: Jérôme Bayeux
    • Localisation Italian: Gilda Fabozzi
    • Localisation German: Sandor Horvat
    • Localisation Spanish: Meaning Makers
    • Localisation Testing: Angelo Mendola, Alessandro Naso, Jens Schneider, Gabriel Daza
  • Management:
    • VP Development: Gavin Cheshire
    • CTO: Bryan Marshall
    • Brand Director: Guy Pearce
    • Brand Manager: Edward Newby-Robson
    • CT Manager: Chris Brunning
    • QA Dept Manager: Danny Beilard
    • Finance Manager: Andy Varney
    • Planning Manager: Steve Eccles
    • Director, Creative Services: Peter Matthews
    • Director, Business Affairs: Julian Warrd
    • Assistant Lawyer: Simon Moynihan
    • Director, Licensing: Peter Hansen-Chambers
    • Research Manager: Antonia Rodriguez
    • Director, Audio: Stephen Root
    • Director, Art: Rachel Weston
    • Art Manager: Nicolas Pain
  • Focus Testing: Andy Southam, Anthony Eades, Aristotel Digenis, Brad Porter, Darren Keig, Grant Mark, Jay Rathod, Jordan King, Mark Robinson, Nial Taylor, Oliver Johnson, Sam Russell, Simon Miles, Stacey Pace, Suzanne Walton, Teddy Zawada
  • Software QA:
  • Project Coordinator: Clive Roswell
  • QA Lead: Simon Terry
  • Software QA: Anthony Rowe, Cary Vidal, Clayton "Penguins" Victor, Colin Campbell, Jay Knott, Jimmy Dyer, Matthew Page, Sanjay "Jags" Jagmohan, Trevor Clarke
Special Thanks
  • Codemasters: Peter Chan, Adam Sawkins, Alan Roberts, Allan Burden, Andrew Halford, Andrew Sage, Andy Southam, Barry Cheney, David Hosier, Gareth Thomas, Gehan Pathiraja, Giannis Iaonnou, Harinder Sangha, Hugh Lowry, James Conway, Jason Darby, Joe Potter, John Pullen, Karl Hammarling, Malcom Coleman, Matt Craven, Michael Bailey, Nial Taylor, Nic Melder, Nichola Smith, Nick Craig, Nick Rathbone, Nicola England, Paul Penson, Peter Ridgway, Phil Cox, Ralph Fulton, Robert Pattenden, Rory MacLeod, Tom Whibley, Will Stones
  • Hollywood Gaming: Mark Evans, Kevin Short, Malcolm Knight
  • Music:
    • Composed by: Ian Livingstone
    • Additional Music: Aaron Sapp, Thomas J. Bergersen, Hugh Davies, Chris Jojo
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