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System(s): Sega Saturn[1]
Publisher: BMG Interactive Entertainment[1]
Developer: Rocket Science Games[1][2]
Planned release date(s): 1997[1]
Genre: Action[1][2]
Number of players: 1-2[3]

Ganymede is an unreleased Sega Saturn action shooter game developed by Rocket Science Games[1][2] and scheduled to be published by BMG Interactive Entertainment in 1997.[1] A three-dimensional hovercraft game set on the frozen surface of Jupiter's moon Ganymede, it was announced in February 1996[2] but only received a handful of promotional appearances[4][1] before being shelved as a result of the developer's impending bankruptcy.


As pilot of a heavily-armored, frictionless vaporsled, you must defend the ice moon called Ganymede which orbits around Jupiter. On your watch, however, a hostile race of aliens calling themselves the Eridani begin to wage a war on the frozen surface. It is up to the player to use their vaporsled to defeat the Eridani and bring peace to the moon of Ganymede.[3]


Players race across the rugged 3D moonscape in Ganymede, matching battle skills and strategy against the warlike Eridani aliens. Piloting a heavily armed, frictionless vaporsled, the player smashes through enemy battle craft and attacks mission targets with stealth and speed.

Superbly realistic driving physics accompanied by aggressive thrusting power, minimal traction and rugged terrain make exploring Ganymede, the ice-moon under the ominous watch of Jupiter, an adventure in itself. The ability to freely navigate the surface of the entire moon on more than 20 missions creates unlimited gameplay.

February 1996 press release[2]

Described as a hyper-active combat game that combines strategy with incredible speed and driving physics, it appears to have utilized real-time 3D polygons to create an open lunar landscape which players could traverse with their highly-maneuverable vaporsled. Gameplay would have focused around firing projectiles at attacking enemies while navigating your high-speed sled[1] through 20 different stages.[3]


Ganymede was announced in a February 1996 press release as one of four upcoming new games to be developed for the Sony PlayStation and Windows PCs, with an expected launch date of later that December.[2] However, in August of that year, Rocket Science Games was acquired by SegaSoft, and the same month Mean Machines Sega would find themselves running a preview on the newly-announced Saturn version of Ganymede.[1] The preview showed off only a single gameplay screenshot (largely indistinguishable from the PlayStation version), and listed the game with a release window of sometime in 1997.[1]

Seemingly aware of their poor reputation in the field of full-motion video, the game's realtime 3D graphics were repeatedly touted as a prime selling point in official marketing material[2] and press previews.[1]

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