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Good Deal Games
Founded: 1998
Hamburg, New York, United States

Good Deal Games is a website where users can purchase video games online. As well as supplying video game imports and merchandise, it is notable for the selling of unlicensed "homebrew" video games for older systems, and in some cases, has packaged and sold leaked prototypes of unreleased video games to the general public, in a way removing the "unreleased" status from them in the process. It is very much a grey area in regards to whether this is legal - this service is mainly for consumers who want to see these games nicely packaged and suitable for use with real hardware rather than play them in ROM (or ISO) form.

Their efforts make documenting some video games, particularly those for the Sega Mega-CD, more tricky, and has led to erroneous entries in video game databases. Sega Retro is treating these releases as unlicensed, as an official license by Sega was not granted for them to be sold.

In the case of prototypes sold by Good Deal Games, Sega Retro still classes them unreleased games. Citizen X, for example, is classed as unreleased because even though Good Deal Games have sold it to the general public, the former developers (and Sega) did not give consent for the game to be released on the Mega CD. We are also not providing scans of games like this, because it does not classify as "official" packaging.



Game Notes Date Price
Battle Frenzy[1] US region 2003 $24.99
Battletech: Gray Death Legion 200x $24.75
Bug Blasters: The Exterminators[2] 2001 $24.99
Bug Blasters: The Exterminators PAL version, only 5 copies produced[3] 200x $29.99
Bug Blasters: The Exterminators Special Edition, 5 variant covers 2003 $19.99
Bug Blasters: The Exterminators PAL version 2013
Burning Fists: Force Striker[4] 2006 $29.99
Citizen X[5] 2002 $24.99
Color Mechanica Homebrew software/album by Note! 2014 $24.75
Johnny Mnemonic 2012 $34.75
Marko[6] US region 2003 $24.99
Mighty Mighty Missile![7] Homebrew game 2005 $24.99
The Smurfs US region 2012 $34.75
Star Strike[8] 2000 $34.99
Star Strike PAL version, only 5 copies produced[3] 200x $34.99
Star Strike PAL version 2013
Time Cop 200x


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