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Haruyoshi Tomita
Employment history:
Role(s): Composer

Haruyoshi Tomita (冨田 晴義) is a Sega sound composer who was originally part of the AM1 department and was a sound director of the Super Monkey Ball series (succeeding Hidenori Shoji).


In the late 90's, Haruyoshi Tomita joined the sound section at Sega AM1, becoming attached to its The House of the Dead franchise, from the mainline The House of the Dead 2, to the spin-off Zombie Revenge, to the Bandai-published spiritual successor Vampire Night. Though he would soon move to a different department, he later returned to contribute remixes of his THOTD2 music to The House of the Dead 4. While working at AM1, he was also notably involved with the cult classic Emergency Call Ambulance.[1]

In March 2001, he transferred from WOW Entertainment to Amusement Vision, his first project to release being Super Monkey Ball. It is unknown what his exact input was on the first game, though as Hidenori Shoji has been credited for all major music later released to album, it can be assumed Tomita did similar work to Super Monkey Ball 2, where he is credited for composing several menu selection themes for the party games, some of which were remixed in Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Tomita became sound director for both these later titles, as well as Super Monkey Ball 3D and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz.

Joining Amusement Vision also led to taking over lead duties on the Virtua Striker series with Virtua Striker 3 Ver. 2002,[1] and he would continue to helm the series' sound until the final installment (even being the sole sound creator on the original Virtua Striker 4).

Tomita later become closely attached to the Yakuza franchise, starting with the first entry where he spent many hours in the recording studio with the game's voice actors.[2] Though he was only given special thanks for his work at this point, he continued to oversee voice recordings as well as take on other responsibilities for the series, given various credits ranging from music director to sound producer. A known additional duty Tomita took on was to communicate with outside musicians, such as Hideki Sakamoto from Noisycroak who first contributed to Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz and Yakuza 2.[3]


While at Amusement Vision, Haruyoshi Tomita participated in a weekly column called Kore o Kiketsu! (コレを聴けっ!), where the sound team members (and some special guests) recommended a music album of their choice to readers. Some of these include JUN MIYAKE CM TRACKS (both volumes),[4] Phenomena by TICA (which contrasted with the intense sound effects Tomita was at the time creating for F-Zero GX)[5] and Shipbuilding by Tomita Lab. (which also included a list of Tomita's top 3 people named Tomita).[6]

The profile at the bottom of these pages also listed Tomita's hobby, though it was different later on than when the column began. At first, his hobby was listed as "reading books", his favourite authors being Shusaku Endo and MAN☆GATARO.[1] Later, it listed his favourite actors Kippei Shiina and River Phoenix.[7]

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Song credits

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The House of the Dead 2

  • The House of the Dead 2 (Advertise) — Music & Arrangement
  • Darkness (Stage 3 BGM) — Music & Arrangement
  • Despair (Stage 4 BGM) — Music & Arrangement
  • Enemy's (Stage 1~4 Boss BGM) — Music & Arrangement
  • Dawn (Stage 5 BGM) — Music & Arrangement
  • Original Sin (Stage 6 BGM) — Music & Arrangement
  • Name Entry — Music & Arrangement

Zombie Revenge

  • Silver Prison — Music & Arrangement
  • Grotesque — Music & Arrangement


  • AiAi no Guruguru Groove Daibouken ~ Super Monkey Ball / Non-stop dream~ - Music (with Hidenori Shoji)

Super Monkey Ball 2

  • Target2 Selector - Music & Arrangement
  • Bowling Selector - Music & Arrangement
  • Golf Selector 2 - Music & Arrangement
  • Futsal Selector - Music & Arrangement
  • Baseball Selector - Music & Arrangement
  • Tennis Selector - Music & Arrangement

The House of the Dead 4

  • Dawn (Remix of Year Seventh) — Music & Arrangement
  • Original Sin (Remix of Year Seventh) — Music & Arrangement

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