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Hasbro Interactive
Founded: 1995
T-series code: T-406
United States

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Hasbro Interactive was a video game publisher and subsidiary of toy giant Hasbro. Their parent company owned the trademark to Night Trap.[1]

Founded in 1995, Hasbro Interactive was initially responsible for publishing video games based on its board game properties (which it had acquired when purchasing Parker Brothers in 1991). The company's involvement with Sega has began as early as 1997. The company's European catalogue for 1997 listed that their Battleship and Risk CD-ROM titles would be released for the Sega Saturn later on in the year. However, nothing was ever officially announced about these ports, if they were even produced to begin with. A version of Risk was released for the PlayStation at the end of the year, but bares little resemblance to the CD-ROM version.[2]

By 1998, Hasbro Interactive became more prominent after purchasing MicroProse, Avalon Hill and the assets of the former Atari Corporation in 1998. Growth was fast, with Hasbro Interactive at one point peaking as the third biggest software publisher in the world. Around this time, the company announced to support the Dreamcast.

However significant losses in 1999 and 2000 would see Hasbro cut its video game division and eventually sell its assets to Infogrames in December 2000[3]. What was left of Hasbro Interactive became Infogrames Interactive.

Infogrames would subsequently use its newly acquired properties to rebrand itself as Atari, with this division becoming "Atari Interactive". Hasbro would buy back video game rights to many of its toy and game properties in 2005.


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