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Heigo Tani
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Role(s): Musician

Heigo Tani (谷 丙午), also known as Wall5, is a music producer of house and techno tracks affiliated with Spacewalker Records. He is notable for his contributions to Sonic Adventure 2 by arranging and producing all five vocal tracks composed by Fumie Kumatani and performed by Everett Bradley (all of which relate to anti-hero Shadow the Hedgehog). Game-related projects outside Sega include a Space Invaders remix album (as half of the unit Co-Fusion) and three tracks for Konami's Bemani rhythm game series.

Outside of video games, Tani has also composed many of the tracks for the anime series Air Gear, although all works on the soundtrack were credited as skankfunk, which is Hideki Naganuma's alias. He also produced the soundtrack for anime series Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's as the lead member of the Wall 5 Project. He was assisted by Yutaka Minobe, another Sega associate, throughout the series.

Tani has recently returned to Sega games as a contributing artist for several titles: Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou, Super Monkey Ball 3D (with Wall5 Project), Binary Domain, Yakuza 5, and Team Sonic Racing.

Production history

Song credits

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Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic and the Black Knight

  • Sir Lancelot Appears — Arranged & Produced by [NOTE: Recycled from Sonic Adventure 2]

Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou

  • Communication fight — Music & Arrangement
  • Karate Monster — Music & Arrangement

Team Sonic Racing

  • System - Loading — Arranged & Performed by
  • Green Light Ride - Wall5 Remix — Arranged & Performed by
  • Dark Arsenal — Arrangement & Programming (Original Music Taken from Sonic Adventure - "Crank the Heat Up!!")
  • Turbine Loop — Arrangement & Programming (Original Music Taken from Sonic Heroes - "Final Fortress")