Hisakazu Kato (animator)

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Not to be confused with Hisakazu Kato (Sega artist).
Hisakazu Kato (animator)
Employment history:
Taito (1987[1] – )
Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment (?? – 2012-08-15[2])
Role(s): Animator, Artist, Designer
Twitter: @arotak

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Hisakazu Kato (加藤 久和) is a video game animator, character designer and game designer. First working for Taito, his works date back to 1988 with Operation Thunderbolt[1]. Other notable games at Taito include Pu•Li•Ru•La and Darius Gaiden. He left Taito around 1999 and then joined Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment. Notable games there include Ape Escape 2, Ape Escape 3 and QLTON[2]. He became a freelancer in 2012, making Rain his last work at Sony[1].

Around 2014, Kato joined Act-Age, an animation company which has worked with Sega Interactive R&D2.

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