Iraq War 2003

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Iraq War 2003
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Dragon Software
Sound driver: Tomsoft Studio. SndDrv 1.03h5
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
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Sega Mega Drive

Iraq War 2003 is an unlicensed Sega Mega Drive game that takes place in Iraq during the 2003 Iraq War. The game was created in Tomsoft Studios by TommyXie Xi'an, who is a native of China, and the ROM itself is dated as being made in September 2003. The player plays as the Iraqi army, which must oppose the United States Army as they fight to maintain Saddam Hussein's regime. The introduction starts with the situation of the war and asks the player to guard Iraq because it is his holy duty.


Iraqwar2003 gameplay.png

Players control a tank equipped with a rifle (controlled by using either A or C) and a missile launcher (controlled by using B). The guns can be adjusted vertically as the tank moves across the landscape horizontally. Three main enemies exist: infantrymen, helicopters, and paratroopers. Additionally, there are cargo drops of medical supplies and bullets that need to be destroyed. Players have a limited amount of rifle ammunition and seven missiles available per level. Missiles appear to only affect helicopters. The "enemy" gauge, showing the amount of enemies left in the level, and the tank has a "shield" meter, showing damage taken to the vehicle. When the shield is completely depleted, the game ends.



Level Password
Level 2 456953
Level 3 412209
Level 4 744447
Level 5 173556
Level 6 259246
Level 7 224349
Level 8 932170
Level 9 438124
Level 10 218498
Level 11 401274
Level 12 217047
Level 13 696643

Physical scans

Mega Drive, UA (Saga)
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Mega Drive, RU (Striped spine; Russian)
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Mega Drive, RU (Gastin Re-release)

Mega Drive, RU (Silver release)
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Mega Drive, RU (K&S)
Bootleg IraqWar2003 MD RU Box NewGame Alt.jpg

Multi-cart appearances

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Technical information

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