Jet Set Radio/Changelog

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Android: 1.07

Thanks for supporting our game...
It is now compatible with the NVIDIA Shield!

iOS: 1.2

Thanks for playing and supporting our game!
What we’ve added for this update is:
•iOS controller support
•Game refinements and bug fixes

iOS: 1.1

Bug fixes

Steam: 2013-05-24

- Setup screen can now be navigated with a gamepad, giving the game full controller support.
- Added Retry screen after finishing a stage.

- Fix to avoid audio stuttering in-game on heavily fragmented drives.
- Several rare crashes present in the original game code have been fixed.
- Fixed an issue that caused some enemies not to appear until the player turned their back (in Fight or Flight and other areas).
- Multiple minor graphics fixes relating to drawing order and transparency (for example, the electricity in Grind Square would cause some objects behind to become transparent).
- Fixed an issue that caused music to occasionally not play in the tutorial.