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Jotaro Nonaka
Place of birth: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan[1]
Date of birth: 1959-01[1] (age 65)
Employment history:
Role(s): Executive, Producer, Musician
Education: Berklee College of Music (Music Theory)[1]

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Jotaro "A-Key" Nonaka (野中英紀), known by the alias Eiki Nonaka, is a Japanese ambient musician[1] and former head of Pioneer LaserActive development group Multimedia Creators Network.[2]


A Japanese ambient musician, Nonaka was mentored by popular electronic artist Haruomi Hosono, and later recruited him as a founding member of Multimedia Creators Network.[2]

Multimedia Creators Network

Main article: Multimedia Creators Network.

Approached by Pioneer to assemble a varied team of media artists to produce software for their upcoming LaserActive platform, Nonaka founded Multimedia Creators Network, notably adapting his own home into a recording studio and game development office. The group would go on to release three titles for the system: 1994's 3D Museum and Melon Brains: Exploring The Mind Of The Dolphin, and 1995's Goku, with a fourth title, UFO & ET, planned but ultimately cancelled.[2]

Production history

A 1990 photograph of Nonaka.
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