Joypad (Hungary)

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Joypad 1 HU.pdf
Country of origin: Hungary
First issue date: 1994-xx-xx
Last issue date: 1995-xx-xx
Number of issues: 4

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Joypad was a Hungarian magazine about consoles released from 1994 to 1995. It was created by the magazine Guru and Novotrade 2C.


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Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 Logo-pdf.svg 1/1994 1994-xx-xx 179 Ft179
2 Logo-pdf.svg 2/1994 1994-xx-xx 179 Ft179
3 Logo-pdf.svg 3/1994 1994-xx-xx 179 Ft179
4 Logo-pdf.svg 1/1995 1995-xx-xx 179 Ft179

Promotional material

Guru 1994-08 HU Joypad advert.png
Print advert in Guru (HU) #1994-08 (1994-xx-xx)
Guru 1994-11 HU Joypad advert.png
Print advert in Guru (HU) #1994-11 (1994-xx-xx)