Kazuma Itoh

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KazumaItoh HitoMaker.jpg
Kazuma Itoh
Place of birth: 1981[1]
Employment history:
Hitmaker (2003[1] – )
Role(s): Artist

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Kazuma Itoh (伊藤 一磨) is an artist at Sega of Japan. He joined Hitmaker in 2003 alongside Chikako Inoue, who graduated university alongside him with the same major[1].

Itoh was heavily influenced by the Virtua Fighter series throughout his high school life, with the first installment coming out the same year he started junior high school. His role model since 1994 was Nobutaka Arii, who created the publicity images for Virtua Fighter 2 and who was later his co-worker at Hitmaker[1].

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