Keisuke Nakamura (engineer)

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Not to be confused with the director Keisuke Nakamura.
Keisuke Nakamura
Date of birth: 1987-12-22[1] (age 36)
Employment history:
Sega (2010[2] – )
Role(s): Engineer
Education: Chiba Institute of Technology[1]
Twitter: @katana_case_shi

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Keisuke Nakamura (中村 圭介) is a former industrial designer at Sega of Japan. He worked at the company for roughly 10 years, designing over 10 products[3] including several models of UFO Catcher. He quit the company to focus on his passion creating display cases for swords, a childhood love which he discovered in 2018 shortly after taking paternity leave[2][4]. His display case won the OMOTENASHI Selection2020[2].

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