Kenji Eno

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Kenji Eno
Place of birth: Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan
Date of birth: 1970-05-05
Date of death: 2013-02-20[1] (age 42)
Employment history:
Role(s): Executive, Designer, Composer, Musician

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Kenji Eno (飯野賢治) was a Japanese musician and video game designer, and founder of game development company Warp. He gained a reputation as a maverick during the mid-1990s for creating unorthodox games like Real Sound: Kaze no Regret, and is perhaps most remembered today for his rebellious marketing techniques. Outside of Japan, he was best known for his survival horror series D, and for personally composing the soundtracks for several of his games.


During his life, Eno founded the video game development companies EIM and Warp, and also worked in a variety of other fields (such as the automotive, cellphone, tobacco, and hotel industries, among others.)

According to close friend Katsutoshi Eguchi, Eno also created both the name "Dreamcast" and the system's iconic spiral logo. Sega of Japan accepted open submissions from the general public on the new console's name, and posing as a regular entrant, Eno's submission beat around 1,000 other entries and won. Eno also suggested that the Dreamcast include a start-up sound (in the same way Windows 95 famously started with a Brian Eno jingle), to which he turned to Ryuichi Sakamoto - an offer the musician quickly accepted.[3]

Eno died on February 20, 2013, due to heart failure brought on by hypertension.[1]

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