Kenji Sato

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Kenji Sato
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer

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Kenji Sato (佐藤 謙次) is a former programmer at Sega who later worked at Sega Toys[1]. A patent for an image processing method and electronic device suggests they worked at Sega until at least 1995[2] Some evidence suggests they were the prominent early 90's programmer named Sat Man.

Production history

  • (; 1993) — ゲームプログラム助っ人[3] (as 佐藤 謙次)
  • (; 1993) — Game Programming Assistants[4]
  • (; 1995) — Special Thanks (as 佐藤 謙次)
  • (; 2002) — ゲームプログラム助っ人 (as 佐藤 謙次)