Kunihiko Mori

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Kunihiko Mori
Employment history:
Smilebit (?? – 2000-12[1][2])
Role(s): Programmer
Education: Nihon University (1993-1998)[4]
Twitter: @supermeteor

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Kunihiko Mori (森 邦彦) is a former programmer at Sega Software R&D Dept. 6/Smilebit.


After 5 years at Nihon University, Kunihiko Mori joined Sega Enterprises in April 1998, located in Ota, Tokyo. His first project was Sonic Adventure, followed by games in the Yakyuu Tsuku series, Saka Tsuku series and Jet Set Radio. He left Sega in December 2000, with De La Jet Set Radio his last work[3][5].

Mori moved to Shibuya and worked for Denso IT Laboratory, where he designed and implemented UI libraries for navigational systems found in cars[1]. In October 2001 he began working for Assist V in Yokohama, designing systems and building internet services[1]. A major role he landed after moving to Kawagoe was deputy director for Pioneer, once again working on car navigation systems[1], coding various functions over the next 5 years[3].

He returned to video game development in April 2008 when he began working for Bandai Namco Games in Shinagawa Seaside, programming online features for Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion[3][6][5]. In April 2010 he started developing iPhone apps for Yahoo in Roppongi, specifically Yahoo Auctions, Yahoo News and Yahoo Shopping[3]. In October 2012 he began working Square Enix, developing online features for the Luminous Engine[1][5].

In July 2013, Mori became the CEO of Barbarossa Studio, developing software and websites[1], while also programming mobile games for DMM.com, CROOZ and Cygames[3]. In March 2015 he established the company Beio Wolf[5], and continues to take programming jobs with various companies, including ProtoSolution, Arc System Works, Aiming, Fuji Games, Game Freak, etc.[3].

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