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Le Mans 24
System(s): Sega Model 3
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: Nismo, Ferrari, McLaren Racing, Porsche, Sauber, Mazda
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Model 3)
¥? ?
Arcade (Model 3)
$? ?
Arcade (Model 3)
£? ?

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Le Mans 24 (ル・マン 24) is a Sega Model 3 arcade game by Sega, based on the real life endurance race of the same name and licensed by its organisers, Automobile Club de l'Ouest. It is unrelated to Le Mans 24 Hours for the Sega Dreamcast.

A soundtrack was released the same year, eponymously titled Le Mans 24. Sega Logistics Service announced it would end service on Le Mans 24 arcade machines on March 31, 2017.[2][3]


Le Mans 24 is unique among Sega racing games in that the races occur in real-time, with 24 in-game hours equivalent to roughly 10 minutes. Players have a limited amount of time to complete the 24 hour race and can earn extra time by passing other cars or completing a lap of the track. Likewise, being passed by another car subtracts time from the timer. If the timer runs out, the race continues even if there are no players. The player can choose to insert another credit and continue where s/he left off. Up to 3 twin cabinets can be linked to allow 6 player competition.

Le Mans 24 is much more realistic than other racing games of its era, with periods of rain affecting how the cars handle, simulated tire wear, and a day/night cycle.



Nismo GTR LM - Nissan
Best acceleration of all the cars, but most suitable for beginners.


Ferrari F40 GTE
Returning from Scud Race, the most characteristic handling feature of this car is its easily-controlled four-wheel drift. Easy to drive.


McLaren BMW - F1 GTR
Also returning from Scud Race, the McLaren F1 is the best balanced car, enabling the player to really get the best from its driving experience.


Porsche 911 GT1
A well-balanced supercar with high top speed. Look out for those corners!


Sauber C9 - Mercedes
A high performance racer particularly suited to the expert player. The Merc is fast if driven skillfully.


Mazda 787B
The most difficult car to drive well, but when it is, it is the fastest of the 6 default cars.

Secret Cars


Sega's mascot Sonic the Hedgehog driving a low-poly buggy. This car handles like the Mazda 787B, and its driver changes from Sonic to a rabbit (and back again) each time the car enters a pit stop.

To unlock this car, highlight the Nismo R33 at the car selection screen. While turning the wheel to the left and pressing the brake, hold down the start and V.R. 1+3 buttons, then step on the gas.


Porsche 917K
The fastest vehicle in the game, the 917K is a rival car that the player races against if s/he manages to complete an entire 24 hour race. The Porsche 917K cannot be selected normally, but can be unlocked with a secret button combination.

This car can be unlocked using the same procedure to unlock Sonic, but this time, hold down the V.R. 1+2 buttons instead of V.R. 1+3.



As recounted by car model designer Satoru Okano in 2002, 8 developers went on a research trip to Zhuhai, China, where the BPR Global GT Series were conducting endurance races. The goal of the trip was to take reference photos and sounds of the Porsche 911 GT1, McLaren F1, Ferrari F40. In addition to Okano, the team consisted of director Manabu Washio, chief programmer Narito Serizawa, the other car model designer Hiroyuki Izuno, sound designer Seiichiro Matsumura, and 2 non-Sega people: Atsushi Nakajima, editor-in-chief of the car magazine Grand Prix Sokuho, and cameraman Kazuya Minakoshi from Rev Speed.[4]

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Print advert in Sega Magazine (JP) #9: "1997-07 (1997-09)" (1997-08-13)

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Le Mans 24

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