Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice

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Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice
System(s): Sega Lindbergh
Publisher: Sega
Supporting companies:
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1-2
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Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice (レッツ ゴー ジャングル) (often referred to as Let's Go Jungle!) is a Sega Lindbergh arcade game produced by AM3 and released in 2006. It is the first in Sega's Let's Go series of rail-shooter light gun games. Players take the roles of a man and a woman stranded on a jungle island which has been overrun by mutant plants and animals, and must shoot the creatures with cabinet-mounted light guns while looking for rescue.

In 2008, a deluxe version of the game called Let's Go Jungle! Special was produced as a medium-scale attraction for larger amusement venues such as Joypolis. In this version, players sit in a large, enclosed cabinet on a revolving seat with a large projection screen in front and another in back, while puffs of wind blow on the players to signify damage. Due to the difficulty of maintaining these machines, it is thought that only 5 Let's Go Jungle! Special units remain in operation worldwide.

A sequel, Let's Go Island: Lost on the Island of Tropics was released in 2011.


Ben and Norah, a couple whose relationship is floundering, take a cheap vacation tour to Amoi Island, and uninhabited island in Asia inspired by Thailand. When they arrive, they find that giant mutated animals are wreaking havoc. After one of their guides is killed by a large tarantula, they are then given FN FAL assault rifles with which to defend themselves against swarms of mutant spiders. Eventually, their vehicle crashes, but before they can ask the driver what happened, he exits the vehicle and runs away in panic. They immediately discover why; a giant, purple tarantula has found them. They manage to escape it by driving their vehicle over a broken bridge, jumping over a cliffside in the process. Ben's map shows them that they have two options where to go next: a cave or a river.

If the player(s) choose the cave, Ben and Norah find a trio of survivors and escape the cave with them. One of the survivors claims that Ben and Norah are not helping them and declares himself the leader, taking their guns. Before they can protest, a rescue helicopter arrives. Ben and Norah are temporarily given slingshots to defend themselves. Eventually, they reach the helicopter, but find it doesn't have enough room for them. The pilot informs them that there is another extraction point in a nearby village from which they can evacuate the island, and they are given their guns back. As the helicopter takes off, they are attacked by a giant mantis. Upon killing the mantis, they discover that they are standing in front of a Buddha shrine.

If the player(s) choose the river, Ben and Norah ride a canoe down the river, attacked by poisonous tree frogs. At one point, they lose their guns in the river and have to use the boat's oars to defend themselves. Eventually, they retrieve their guns, and have to fight a giant mutant bullfrog. Upon killing the frog, they find a radio that tells anyone listening about a nearby village where they can escape via helicopter.

On the third stage (which is compulsory to play on), the player(s) travel through an abandoned village, only to be attacked by more tarantulas, mutated fleas, and pillbugs. They must also travel across several stone pillars by pressing the button at the right time to avoid the attention of another large purple tarantula (similar to the one seen on the first stage). They cross a river (due to the bridge being broken) and must fight off schools of mutated piranha fish, the tree frogs again, and several mutated crustaceans that resemble pond skaters. They hear a young boy calling for help and the player must use the buttons to help him save his elephant by hitting mutated fleas off its body. The grateful boy thanks them by letting them ride his elephant to the heli-pad, which will help them escape. On the way they encounter yet another tarantula, this time with mutated mushrooms growing out of its back. The player fatally injures it, causing it to fall off a cliff and into the sea.

The player then arrives at a Buddhist temple, when the fungus-infested tarantula seen before returns and lunges at the player from above. When the player kills it, the tarantula falls into the shrine and detonates several barrels of toxic waste in the process, causing an explosion which results in the lily plant pods around the shrine to mutate, grow teeth, and merge into one giant mutant plant, which the player must fight. The plant is eventually defeated with help from the boy, who commands his elephant to kick a barrel of explosives which the player must continuously shoot until it blows up and kills the plant.

In the final cutscene, the boy thanks the players for their help and notes that he didn't help enough, so he gives Norah his good luck charm, which keeps bugs at bay. Ben and Norah finally reach the rescue helicopter and start to leave the island, while several butterflies land on the head of the contaminated Buddha statue. One of the butterflies mutates and attacks the helicopter, causing the couple to fall out and drop their guns into the ocean. The two hang on to the helicopter's rope ladder and must use a slingshot to deliver the final blow. Depending on if the player(s) hit the creature or not, the couple will either make their relationship stronger and leave the island, or break up and escape, only to have their pilot infected with a mushroom.

Over the course of the game, the players learn the story behind Amoi Island. According to the boy of the island and a helicopter pilot, an environmental NGO called "Green Leaves" came to the island after it was devastated by war. Following the motto of "bring back the green", scientists of "Green Leaves" discovered a species of mushroom that possessed extraordinary biological regenerative properties. The scientists extracted and refined the mushrooms' essence, creating a powerful chemical extract that could accelerate biological growth. In cooperation with the island's natives, "Green Leaves" used the chemical extract to restore the island's fauna and flora within five years. However, it was later discovered that the extract's properties were too powerful, resulting in giant-sized animals, insects, and plants that have the capacity to harm humans. "Green Leaves" and many of the island's natives evacuated the island when events grew uncontrollable, although a number of natives decided to remain behind.


Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice is an on-rails shooting game in which mutant animals (mainly insects) approach the players from the front and players are required to shoot them with mounted turret gun controllers, similar to Sega's previous lightgun title The Ocean Hunter. At points of the game, the player must execute special Quick Time Events such as moving the gun in a certain direction, tapping buttons quickly, or tapping the buttons at the right time. How well the player does affects the game's branching storyline.

Similar to The House of the Dead 4 Special, the game's co-op mode gives a compatibility rating based on how well the two players work together. Enemies include various bugs, spiders, piranhas and frogs.

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