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Images Product Date Price Company Description
AlteredBeast Tshirt.jpg T-shirt 2018-09-04[1] US$24.95-$26.95 Collage tee sold on the Sega Shop featuring the cover art. Comes in five sizes.[2]
AlteredBeast FunkoPop.jpg Funko Pop! 2018-09-04[1] US$14.95 Funko Funko Pop! figure sold on the Sega Shop based on the Werewolf.[3]
Pop8bitWerewolf US Box Front Gold.jpg Funko Pop! 201x Funko A special gold version of the above, sold exclusively by GameStop.
AlteredBeast LenticularPoster.gif Poster 2018-09-04[1] US$39.95 Lenticular poster sold on the Sega Shop depicting the Werewolf transformation scene.[4]
AlteredBeast30Years Pin.jpg Enamel pin 2018-09-04[1] US$24.95 Enamel pin sold on the Sega Shop to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Altered Beast.[5]
AlteredBeast Soap.jpg Soap US$16.95 Digital Soaps Soap sold on the Sega Shop designed after a US Altered Beast cartridge.[6]


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