Magical Hat (toys)

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Sega has produced toys based on the Magical Hat (まじかるハット) series.


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Code Name Box scans Images Region Date Price Documentation Description
Bouken Trio (冒険トリオ)
MagicalHatBoukenTrio Toy JP Box Front.jpg
Petamo Dai Shuugou Set (ペタモ大集合セット)
MagicalHatPetamoDaiShuugou Toy JP Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngMagicalHatPetamoDaiShuugou Toy JP Box Front.jpg
MagicalHatGKonga Toy JP Box Front.png
2 Debiru - Kura Ken (デビル-クラーケン)
MagicalHat2 Toy JP Box Front.jpg
3 (ギルギニ)
MagicalHat3 Toy JP Box Front.jpg
4 Kinguurobu (キングーロブ)
MagicalHat4 Toy JP Box Front.jpg
5 (W-イーグラー)
MagicalHat5 Toy JP Box Front.jpg
MagicalHatGargoyle Toy JP Box Front.png
7 (Z-ザウラー)
MagicalHatZSaurau Toy JP Box Front.jpg
8 (シーゴーレム)
9 G-Konga BM (G-コンガー BM)
MagicalHatGKongaBM Toy JP Box Front.jpg
10 (W-イーグラー BM)

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