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File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg 1994-11-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "December 1994" "Beep! Game Gear"
Reported as 100% complete. Specifically called the Game Gear version, indicating the Saturn version was already known to be in development. It is said to be an easy game overall, perfect for girls who are its target audience. The plot is described alongwith accompanying screenshots from the opening. The focus is on the slot machine-inspired battle system, including some of the ways it works. There are a few more miscellaneous screenshots from in a town.
Logo-pdf.svg 1994-12-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "January 1995" "BE-Mega dog race"

Version Rating Awards Calculated score
NTSC-J 6/10   5/10   4/10   7/10
Logo-pdf.svg 1994-12-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "January 1995" "Beep! Game Gear"
Reported as 100% complete. The writer says that Magic Knight Rayearth will be the next big hit from Nakayoshi following Sailor Moon (its article is next to one about Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S). 5 screenshots depict the opening cutscene and 1 depicts a battle. The limited Red Game Gear bundle is also shown off, with space mainly taken up by the box's isolated cover art.
1994-12-09 Famitsu (JP), "1994-12-23" "Cross review"
Across all 4 reviews, the gameplay is panned for being hard to enjoy. The game beginner girl's worries about the graphics turned out to not be an issue, instead becoming the highlight of the game, but neither it nor the story are enough of a focus to make up for the confusing gameplay. The foreign game user felt even more lost while playing, not caring about the different events or monsters, and while they commend the game for trying out a new battle system, it just isn't effective. It is the worst reviewed by the game mania group, who don't see it as appealing to anyone not familiar with the source material, but being too difficult for hardcore fans of the series. It is most highly reviewed by the general game user, who thinks it can work for Rayearth fans as it follows an original plot, while non-fans might be turned off by the way the adapted characters (based on their frequent chibi versions sometimes appeared)

Version Rating Awards Calculated score
NTSC-J 4/10   5/10   4/10   4/10
Logo-pdf.svg 1994-12-xx Saturn Fan (JP), "1995 January" "Game Gear Fan"
Describes the game as a side-story to the original manga and anime. It hightlights the roulette-like combat.
Logo-pdf.svg 1995-08-08 Sega Saturn Magazine (JP), "September 1995" "Beep! MegaDrive readers final rating"
It continued up until then in Sega Saturn Magazine.

Version Rating Awards Calculated score
NTSC-J 7.4476/10
Logo-pdf.svg 1995-10-07 Sega Saturn Magazine (JP), "November 1995" "Jisedai Urawaza League"
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