Masato Ozutsumi

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Masato Ozutsumi
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1998[1] – )
Role(s): Producer, marketing, director
Twitter: @ozutsumimasato

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Masato Ozutsumi (小堤 正人) is producer and video editor at Sega, with works in the PC, DVD and console fields. His most prominent title is Destroy All Humans!.


Masato Ozutsumi joined Sega in 1998 as an editor for commercials and producer of PC games, such as The Typing of the Dead.[1] He was involved with The House of the Dead franchise as a commercial editor from The House of the Dead 2 to The Typing of the Dead 2004, animating the Sega logo seen in commercials for these games and many others developed between 1998 and 2003, all of which can be seen in a compilation video on his YouTube channel.[2]

He also was a producer of DVDs in this period, with Sairai! Nazo no Enban UFO given as an example. He was also in charge of localizing it for a Japanese audience, though this primarily consisted of writing an original script synched with the original film, so as to be more approachable to Japanese viewers.[1]

Ozutsumi switched to working on console games in 2005, with his debut as producer and director being the Japanese release of Destroy All Humans!. While he found it to be a well-made game with excellent graphics, he recognized the comedy as not being suitable to Japanese tastes, so (similar to Sairai! Nazo no Enban UFO) tweaked the plot and characters for a native userbase, as well as included references and parodies of Japanese entertainment culture. For example, the main character was given a Kansai dialect, often used with funny and talktative characters, to make the aliens' cruel lines of dialogue come across as non-threatening and naturally flow into a Manzai routine.[1]

He remembers Destroy All Humans! fondly, as he has used images of the game to represent his internet accounts such as on Twitter[3] and YouTube.[4] He has also produced videos listing the ghost developers behind the game[5], and an unofficial translation of the opening to the 2020 remake (to coincide with the release of Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed).[6]

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