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McDonald's Corporation
Founded: 1940-05-15
Chicago, Illinois, United States

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McDonald's Corporation, commonly known as simply McDonald's, is an American fast food company and the most recognizable name in the global fast food industry, notable for licensing its branding and characters to game companies for the production of officially-licensed video games and sponsored promotions, and for operating restaurants in many of Sega's indoor theme parks.


As one of the world's largest multinational food corporations, and with a name and logo recognizable across the globe, McDonald's is often engaged in partnerships with other companies for promotional events and advertising. In the past, this has given rise to video games like McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, the sponsoring of certain Sega promotional events with their name and food, and for operating McDonald's restaurants in many of Sega's indoor theme parks.

One of McDonald's most well-known types of advertising is its famous children's meal, the Happy Meal. While the meal's packaging is often used for advertisements, what's more notable is its inclusion of a small children's toy - randomly chosen from a larger set. These toys generate significant consumer interest (especially among their target audience) and acquiring a contract with McDonalds for a line of sponsored Happy Meal toys is frequently considered by partnering companies as a significant accomplishment in both investment and exclusivity.

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