Mite Kiite Nou de Kanjite Crossword Tengoku

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Mite Kiite Nou de Kanjite Crossword Tengoku
System(s): PlayStation Portable
Publisher: Sega
Genre: ETC

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation Portable
¥2,800 (2,940)2,800 (2,940)[1] ULJM-05168

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Mite Kiite Nou de Kanjite Crossword Tengoku (視て聴いて脳で感じてクロスワード天国) is a 2007 crossword puzzle video game by Climax Entertainment and Sega for the PlayStation Portable. It was only released in Japan.

Magazine articles

Main article: Mite Kiite Nou de Kanjite Crossword Tengoku/Magazine articles.

Physical scans

PlayStation Portable, JP
MiteKiiteNoudeKanjiteCrosswordTengokuBoxJP Front.jpg
MKNKCT PSP JP disc.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sony PlayStation Portable
CRC32 18edc8ae
MD5 fc5a585c0b8b976320c174b1e092703c
SHA-1 f59ce3c10f610ab5f495e29da95dd4fd86efd1b7
1,054,179,328 UMD (JP)

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