Nobuaki Okamoto

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Nobuaki Okamoto
Employment history:
Sammy (1994[1] – 2005)
Sega (2005 – )
Role(s): Marketing

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Nobuaki Okamoto (岡本 宣昭) is a promoter at Sega of Japan. He began his career Sammy in 1994, and wrote the plot for games like Brave Sword (PlayStation), Initial D: Another Stage and Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! (both Game Boy Advance). He has also worked on Sammy's hit pachinko machine Disc Up. In 2001, he was transferred to Sales Promotion Dept., taking charge of their advertising and web production. In 2005, following the Sega Sammy Holdings merger and subsequent transfer of some staff, he moved to the Advertising Dept. within the Sega Consumer Business Div..[2]. At some point in the 2010's he switched fields to merchandising, now located in the MD Market Development Dept.[3][4].

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