Hiroshi Okamoto

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Hiroshi Okamoto
Date of birth: 1966[1] (age 57-58)
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer
Twitter: @noisypurple

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Hiroshi Okamoto (岡本 浩), also known as Noisy Purple, is a former programmer at Sega of Japan. Some of his earliest known work involved helping out with the development of Sega Game Toshokan titles and programming games for the Mega-CD. He co-created a couple technologies in 1994 with Misaka Kitamura and Takumi Miyake[2][3] and then became the lead programmer for Chaotix and Daytona USA Deluxe. He took on more background roles after this and in the early 2000's became a producer at the Sega Mobile Div. After this he helped out with the early Yakuza franchise before working for various other companies[4].

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