Noriko Ishimoto

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Noriko Ishimoto
Employment history:
Sakura Production (1991-12-31[1] – 1995-12-30[1])
Sega of Japan (1996[2] – )
Character Brand Licensing Association
FUN Corporation
Japan Electronics College
Role(s): Producer, director, executive

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Noriko Ishimoto (石本 則子) was a producer and director at Sega. She had previously worked in the manga artist office at Sakura Production. She joined Sega's edutainment business in 1996, mainly working on the Sega Pico, before being promoted to head of the R&D Management Planning Office in April 1998, where she produced Dreamcast software, most notably involved with Mil-CD. She has since been a chairperson at Character Brand Licensing Association, representative director at FUN Corporation and part-time director at Japan Electronics College.[1][2][3][4]

Ishimoto was instrumental in the creation Rent A Hero No.1, gathering several developers from the original Rent A Hero to supervise the project.[3] She also voiced the major character Rent A Hiroko.[5]

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