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Note: for passwords, * represents the Pac-Man character.

Sound test

PacMan2 MD SoundTest.png

Enter S0*NDTP as a password[1]. Press Up and Down to choose a sound, press B to play the selected sound, and  START  to exit.

Pattern test

PacMan2 MD PatternTest.png

Enter P*TT*RN as a password[1]. Press Up and Down to browse through Pac-Man's sprites, and  START  to exit.

Play Time Trial

PacMan2 MD US TimeTrial.png

Enter TR**LMP as a password.

Play the original Pac-Man

Enter PCMN0RG as a password.

Play Pac-Jr.

Enter PCJRDPW as a password.


Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

PacMan2 Title.png

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