Panza Kick Boxing

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Panza Kick Boxing
System(s): Sega Mega Drive[1]
Publisher: Electro Brain[1]
Developer: Futura
Licensor: Loriciel
Planned release date(s): 1992 Summer[1]
Genre: Fighting

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Panza Kick Boxing, also known as Andre Panza Kick Boxing[1], was a planned Sega Mega Drive martial arts fighting game endorsed by professional kickboxer Andre Panza. A port of the 1991 multi-platform game of the same name, it was scheduled to be published by Electro Brain in Summer 1992, but was ultimately cancelled.

As the game's follow-up, Best of the Best: Championship Karate, was already due to be published to other platforms later that year, it is speculated Panza was skipped over for a Mega Drive port of that game.

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