Pasocom Gakushuudzukue

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Pasocom Gakushuudzukue
Manufacturer: Esco Boueki
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The Pasocom Gakushuudzukue (パソコン学習机) is a SC-3000 writing desk manufactured by Esco Boueki (then a subsidiary of Sega) sometime in the early 1980s. Priced at ¥280,000, it came with a SC-3000 unit, built-in 18" color monitor, ten software slots, a coin-activated timer (unknown reason), and joysticks for games. It is unknown if the software selection is fixed; flyers do have a date (February 1984?) near a section talking abaout software. The SR-1000 and SP-400 can also be purchased with the unit as optional extras. It may have been intended for arcade use (if the Japanese Wikipedia is to be translated right) but English-language details are still unknown.

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