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Localisation comparisons

The following section covers differences present between the Japanese and Western release of Phantasy Star 0.

PSZ Startup West.png

US version

PSZ Startup West EU.png

EU version

The Western version's startup adds a "Licensed by Nintendo" screen not present in the Japanese version. The US version also adds a "Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB" notice to the bottom screen.

PSZ SEGALogo Japan.png

JP version

PSZ SEGALogo West.png

US/EU version

The light-blue SEGA logo used in Japan is replaced with the dark-blue SEGA logo used in the West. Incidently, the "Presented by" text is black instead of light-grey.

PSZ Opening Japan1.png

JP version

PSZ Opening West1.png

US/EU version

The game's opening credits on the bottom screen is replaced in Western version with the same display used in all of the game's other FMV sequences. In addition, the game's opening theme "Makenai Kokoro" is replaced in the Western version with "Phantasy Star Zero", the theme used in the Japanese version's Title Screen.

PSZ Title Japan.png

JP version

PhantasyStar0 title.png

US/EU version

The logo used in the Western version of the game is altered a bit to not have Katakana text present. In addition, as the Japanese version's Title Screen theme is used as the game's opening theme, the Western version's title screen features different music.

PSZ Cutscene Japan.png

JP version

PSZ Cutscene West.png

US/EU version

FMVs with a lot of onscreen text have their text altered to be in English.

Additional differences

  • The Western version contains a full English dub.
  • In the Western version the items available from the Vending Machine are different and have a different code to unlock them.
  • Majority of Vending Machine items based on Nintendo property such as Zelda, Mario and Metroid are missing in the Western version entirely. Players in the Western version playing with Japanese players will see a different model used for those items as a result.
  • Due to the 122 blocks' size limitations, the Phantasy Star 0 Mini version removed the FMV cutscenes and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support, the character creation was replaced with Sarisa, Kai and Ogi, the gameplay focus only on making points and the games runs in a better framerate.


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