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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Psygnosis, Limited, a division of Sony Electronic Publishing Company, today introduced Microcosm(TM), the first in a new category of CD-ROM games called "interactive cinema". In Microcosm, players interact with highly realistic gameplay interspersed with cinematic-quality graphics, special visual effects and CD-quality sound. Shown for the first time at the winter Consumer Electronics Show (booth 6509), Microcosm is available initially on PC CD-ROM and Sega CD(TM) platforms and will be available in the first quarter of 1994 on the 3DO(TM) Interactive Multiplayer(TM) system.

Microcosm represents the synergy of motion picture, musical and computer resources united under the Sony name. The production of the game required the collaboration of diverse talents including computer programmers, artists, animators, producers, directors and musicians. Using the same special visual effects technology featured in Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and other hit films, the cinematic and gameplay portions of Microcosm were created on Silicon Graphics workstations. Microcosm also includes original musical selections produced by Rick Wakeman, best known as the former keyboard player of the rock group Yes.

Microcosm is available immediately on the PC CD-ROM and Sega CD systems. It will be available on the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system in the first quarter of 1994.

"Microcosm takes advantage of the features and benefits of CD-ROM and shows how we are beginning to realize its potential for the entertainment industry," said Jerry Wolosenko, CEO of Psygnosis/North America. "High-quality graphics, fully rendered imagery, gameplay-dependent branching and CD-quality sound effects and musical score are now possible through CD-ROM technology, allowing us to deliver unprecedented gaming experiences."

The release of Microcosm marks the start of a new value-added merchandising program for CD-ROM software. The company is including bonus audio tracks of Sony Music artists on the Microcosm disc. These bonus audio tracks can be played on a PC CD-ROM system, Sega CD player or any CD audio player.
In Microcosm, the user is thrust into a futuristic world and embarks on a journey through the body of corporate mogul Tiron Korsby in search of a potentially deadly miniature droid that has been implanted in Korsby by a rival corporation. Playing a fast and furious game, the user surges through veins, arteries and the body's critical organs, blasting attacking viruses and the enemy's defensive probes. The game features continuous action and seamless gameplay interspersed with cinematic-quality imagery. The course of the story changes according to the user's choices and direction during the game. By exploring different paths through Korsby's body and achieving goals at various levels, the user progresses toward success in saving the executive's life.

Psygnosis Limited is an international developer and publisher of entertainment software for cartridge, floppy disk and CD-ROM formats. The company has developed and published more than 100 titles since its founding in 1985, including the award-winning Lemmings(TM), and Microcosm, the first title in a new category of CD-ROM games called "interactive cinema." Psygnosis was acquired by Sony (NYSE: SNE) in 1993 and is a division of Sony Electronic Publishing Company. The company is based in Liverpool, England, has North American headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., and additional offices in England, France and Germany.

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