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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/-- Psygnosis, Limited, a division of Sony Electronic Publishing Company, announced today the release of the video game, Puggsy(TM) for the Sega Genesis(TM) and Sega CD(TM) systems.

Shown for the first time at the winter Consumer Electronics Show (booth 6509), Puggsy has been designed in the tradition of Psygnosis' award-winning computer and video game Lemmings(TM). Like Lemmings, Puggsy has been designed to appeal to a broad audience, one that reaches beyond the primary audience of adolescent boys. High-quality animation and an entertaining CD-quality soundtrack make Puggsy an appealing video game with challenging and intellectually stimulating gameplay.

 "In addition to bringing to market a video game which features an appealing cartoon alien character, Puggsy also is one of the first video games to employ what we call Total Object Interaction (TOI(TM))," said Jerry Wolosenko, CEO, Psygnosis/North America. "Total Object Interaction permits the player to control the Puggsy character's interaction with more than 40 objects throughout the game. Puggsy can be made to pick objects up, move them, climb them and scale obstacles."

 Puggsy for the Sega Genesis and Sega CD systems are available immediately. With its non-violent gameplay and design for broad appeal, Puggsy has been rated GA (appropriate for all audiences) by the Videogame Rating Council.

 Puggsy features over 50 levels of gameplay. In the game, the player journeys through 17 lands, exploring secret rooms and hidden levels. The player must also solve brain-twisting puzzles and zap 100 different alien creatures. The CD-ROM version of Puggsy has highly animated "end-of-level-sequences" and challenging "level guardians" which provide sophisticated gaming action.

 Psygnosis, Limited is an international developer and publisher of entertainment software for cartridge, floppy disk and CD-ROM formats. The company has developed and published more than 100 titles since its founding in 1985, including the award-winning Lemmings, and Microcosm(TM), the first title in a new category of CD-ROM games called "interactive cinema." Psygnosis was acquired by Sony (NYSE: SNE) in 1993 and is a division of Sony Electronic Publishing Company. The company is based in Liverpool, England, with North American headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., and additional offices in England, France and Germany.

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