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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 30, 1995--Sega of America Monday unveiled its most powerful lineup of proven, arcade- perfect games exclusively for Sega Saturn -- ``Virtua Fighter 2,'' ``Virtua Cop'' and ``Sega Rally Championship.''

Already runaway hits in the arcades, these three titles have been long awaited by U.S. videogame enthusiasts and will be available at retail stores nationwide just in time for the holidays.

In addition, the 32-bit interactive game experiences ``Virtua Fighter 2,'' ``Virtua Cop'' and ``Sega Rally Championship'' provided at home are enhanced even further by Sega's own arsenal of arcade- inspired peripherals -- ``Virtua Stick,'' ``Stunner'' and ``Arcade Racer,'' respectively.

``Now more than ever, the name of the game is the game,'' said Michael Ribero, executive vice president of marketing and sales, Sega America. ``Sega's new lineup of arcade-perfect software will literally define next-generation game experiences, with gameplay so real, we are thinking about increasing our liability insurance.''

With Sega's first-party development advantage, these hit titles will be available on Sega Saturn exclusively, as are the peripherals. Sega also has strong support from the third-party development community; to date, more than 100 companies are currently developing software for Sega Saturn.

Right now, more than 180 games are under development, the largest in-development software library among next-generation videogame systems.

``The power of Sega Saturn's unique architecture and solid third-party relations means that the best software will always make its way to Sega Saturn,'' added Ribero.

``Sega Saturn is truly the best value among next-generation videogame systems because it offers the best of both worlds -- first-party arcade hits exclusively on Sega Saturn and all the best games from our competitor's libraries,'' said Tim Dunley, director of marketing, Sega Saturn. ``Why buy any other system?''

Priced at $349 with software and $299 without, Sega Saturn's price parity with competitive systems places the spotlight on software. Sega believes that the strength of these titles is definitive of what the 32-bit gaming experience is all about.

Sega Saturn is bringing arcade-perfect renditions right out of the box -- with all the depth and authenticity that just might be ``A Little Too Real.'' Check it out...

Kickin' With VF2

The Virtua Fighter franchise is no stranger to success. Since its arcade introduction in 1993, ``Virtua Fighter'' has been the most popular 3-D fighting game of all time. The newest offspring in the VF family, ``Virtua Fighter 2'' is loaded with all the powerful action, sound, feel and control of its arcade parentage.

Stunning graphics -- including 3-D texture-mapped polygons and breathtaking backgrounds -- add depth and richness to the game; the tight control, fluid movement, more than 1,200 martial arts moves and unique character specialties will challenge and suspend reality. Two new characters, ever-changing 3-D perspectives, and game-mode options -- one-on-one or tournament style -- make ``Virtua Fighter 2'' the fighting game to end all fighting games.

Teaming up for added authenticity is Sega's ``Virtua Stick'' peripheral that provides the same button-pounding, joy-stick slamming action found in the arcades. ``Virtua Fighter 2'' is rated T and will be available for Sega Saturn this December for a suggested retail price of $69.99.

Coppin' Out

Shoot it out with the bad boys in ``Virtua Cop,'' the ultimate shoot 'em up cops and robbers simulation game. It's shoot or be shot as you take on the city slime and live your oath to serve and protect. Precision, accuracy and a quick hand are required -- but don't fire at everything that moves, be aware of helpless hostages that are running for cover.

Adding to the realism and adrenaline-pumping action is Sega's ``Stunner'' arcade gun that literally puts you in and behind the line of fire. With ``Virtua Cop's'' revolutionary, arcade-style polygon graphics and changing/zooming 3-D perspectives, you'll forget you're playing at home. Rated T, ``Virtua Cop'' will be available on Sega Saturn this November for a suggested retail price of $59.99, a special package with both the game and the ``Stunner'' will retail for $79.99.

Takin' it on (and off) the Road

The off-road game that continues to keep gamers lined up in the arcades is making tracks to homes across the country and setting the new standard for racing games. ``Sega Rally Championship,'' the latest rage in arcade racing games, punches home gaming into high gear only on Sega Saturn.

Breathtaking graphics deliver superb true-grit, down-and-dirty off-road racing action. Gamers will be gasping for air through every winding turn and skidding on three challenging courses. ``Sega Rally Championship'' also has a two-player option that features a split screen, pitting gamers against each other for the ultimate head-to-head rush.

Feel the speed in four unique cars prepped and ready to take on off-road hazards in desert, forest and mountain terrain. Like music to the ears, Saturn's CD-quality sound brings the thundering engines and punishing wipeouts of ``Sega Rally Championship'' right into the home.

Rated K-A, ``Sega Rally Championship'' is cruising straight off the arcade factory showroom floor and available on Sega Saturn this December for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Peripheral Pleasures

Bringing the arcade experience to a new level of immersion are Sega Saturn's arcade-style peripherals. Put your pedal to the metal with the videogame industry's first analog steering wheel, ``Arcade Racer,'' featuring eight action buttons and a ``tilt'' function. Especially great for racing and flying games, ``Arcade Racer'' is now available at a suggested retail price of $79.99.

For gamers with a joystick fetish, ``Virtua Stick'' is ideal for fighting games and is compatible with all Sega Saturn games. It is now available for a suggested retail price of $64.99. And Sega's all-new ``Stunner'' arcade gun puts your aim to the test for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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